Gift/Award/Incentive Form
to Determine Taxability/Reportability to Recipient
Instructions: If the gift exceeds $75 for an employee or $250 for a non-employee, scan & submit the completed form
**Due to the sensitive nature of information on this form, DO NOT ATTACH TO OFC TRANSACTION.**
Purpose: This form collects information necessary to track gifts/awards/prizes and to determine whether gifts/prizes
awarded to BSU faculty/staff or non-employees are taxable in accordance with IRS requirements per BSU 6230 Gifts,
Awards & Incentives.
Department: ______________________________________________________________________
Requester Name: ____________________________________________________ Ext. __________
Vendor No (or Name & Empl ID for reimbursements)_____________________________________
Payment method (check one): __Purchase Requisition __ Employee reimbursement __Pcard
Is the recipient a US citizen? __YES __No STOP: If you answered NO” to this question, please contact Tax Reporting at extension
6-2543 BEFORE gift is presented.
Recipient Name (PRINT): _________________________________________________________________
Please fill in the information appropriate to the employee status of the recipient:
Employee ID No.: ________________________
Department: _____________________________
Campus Ext: ____________________________
SSN: _______________________________
Address: ____________________________
City/State/Zip: _______________________
Is the recipient related to an employee of the University?
__ Yes __ No
BUSINESS PURPOSE (all fields below are REQUIRED):
__ Cash Award/Prize __ Gift Certificate/Card (debit or cash equivalent type) __Merchant Gift Certificate/Card (specific
to a particular vendor/merchant) __ Other Gift
Description of gift: _______________________________________________________________________
What is the expected business outcome of this gift? _____________________________ _______________
Why was this gift given to this individual? ____________________________________________________
How is this person affiliated with the University? _______________________________________________
When was the gift given? _____________________________ Dollar Value: $_____________________
Recipient or Purchaser Signature ____________________________________________ Date ____________
My signature certifies that I have received or given the prize or award described above. (Note: If the recipient does not sign two Boise State
employees are required to acknowledge the information above is true and correct and that the gift was in fact given to the recipient.)
Second Signature __________________________________________________________ Date ____________
Revised 05/18/2020