Name _____________________________________________________________________
Street Address______________________________________________________________
Wire Transfer Information
Name of Financial Institution ______________________________________
Amount of Transfer __________________
Anticipated Date of Transfer ______________
**Designation of gift: (If the gift is to be split among accounts, also note how many dollars for each designation)
Instructions: Please complete this form (you may fill in the form electronically or by hand) and e-mail or mail to
the address listed at the bottom of this form. Alternatively, you may provide this form to your financial institution
and ask them to complete and e-mail to the address below. If providing to your financial institution to complete
you must also grant permission for them to send the form to DePauw. If you have additional questions regarding
this form or about making a gift via wire please contact a member of our Development staff at 1-800-446-5298.
You must contact your financial institution with instructions to transfer a gift via wire to DePauw. The
purpose of this form is to notify DePauw of an anticipated wire transfer and to indicate the designation of
your gift. Privacy statutes may prevent your financial institution from providing us with any personal information.
This form allows us to know who transferred a gift via wire and ensure timely and accurate processing of your gift.
Wire gifts should be
directed to our bank:
DePauw University General Account
ABA Routing # for Fed Wires: 041000124
Routing # for ACH/EFT: 071921891
Account #: 4620424515
Swift Code/BIC: PNCCUS 33
PNC Bank
, Indianapolis, IN 46255
Phone: 317-267-7920
t via Wire Transfer Notification Form
Zip Code
Donor Information
E-mail form to:
or Mail to:
DePauw University, Development Services, 201 E. Seminary St., Greencastle, IN 46135
Thank you for your generous investment in a DePauw education!