Check Your Financial Aid Status
To ensure your Financial Aid is dispersed on time it is essential to check your Financial Aid requirements
before the beginning of the term. Log in to MyChemeketa, click on the Services tab, then Financial Aid, and
select the appropriate academic year. If you have completed all requirements, you will have a green check
mark and “Satisfiedin the Status column. If you have any Financial Aid questions, please visit them in Building
2, Room 200 on the Salem campus or call 503.399.5018.
Get Your Student ID
You can obtain your free student ID card in the rear of the Bookstore located in Building 1 on the first floor.
Order Your Parking Permit
You can order your parking permit online. Log in to MyChemeketa, click the Services tab, then Safety and
enter your information as indicated. You will need to print your temporary permit used until your permanent
permit comes in the mail. Alternatively, you can stop by Campus Public Safety located in Building 2, first floor,
to obtain a parking permit. Do not wait until the first day of the term to get your permit, the office gets
extremely busy and has long wait times.
Register for Classes
To check the date and time you are eligible to register, log in to MyChemeketa, click Registration on the right,
then select Registration Status. On the day and time indicated, register for classes. If you need assistance,
you are welcome to come in to the Advising and Counseling office and we are happy to help.
Print Your Schedule
On your MyChemeketa homepage, click Schedule located under the Classes tab. Next, click through the
Agenda, Week, List, and Block options to determine which view you prefer. Then, use the print button to print
your schedule. Take a moment to walk around campus and find all your class locations before your class
Arrange for Payment
Payment is due before the first day of the term or within 10 days of class registration (whichever is later) to
avoid a $25 late fee. There are three ways to pay for your classes:
1. Pay online at
2. Pay in person at the Enrollment Center (Building 2, Room 200 on the Salem Campus) or any
Chemeketa campus
3. Pay by mail: Business Services, PO BOX 14007, Salem OR 97309-7070
For questions, e-mail or call 503.399.5011
Purchase Your Textbooks
You can purchase your books in the Bookstore, or online at Talk to your
counselor about financial assistance options, if needed.
Use Student Planner and Handbook
Read the Services for Student Success (pages 33 & 34) in your Student Planner and Handbook and be
sure to refer to the planner often for important academic deadlines, campus events, and college closures.
Attend the First Class Session of Each Class
Your instructor may drop you from the class if you do not attend the first class session. If you cannot make the
first class session, be sure to communicate with your instructor in advance.
Check Your eLearn and Student Email Regularly!
Register Using My Chemeketa
Step 1: Log in to My Chemeketa
Step 2: Click Registration
Step 3: Click Class Search
Step 4: Choose the
Term and the
Class Subject
Step 5: Click on Search Classes
Step 6: Click on desired course
Step 7: Click on the green Register button to add a class
(The yellow button means that class has a waitlistfollow the waitlist procedure)
Step 8: Verify your registration.
(If there is an error message, follow the instruction on the screen)
Peer Assistants are available to help with registration.
Please ask for help in Building 2, Room 115
Name____________________________________ Enrollment__________________________________Program/Degree_________________________________
Course Title
Refund policy: When you register for a class you agree to pay for it whether or not you attend. If
the college cancels a class, you will get a full refund of any payment received.
To receive a credit or refund: You must drop your class(es) by the deadline to drop with a credit/refund
listed in the Class Schedule book. A refund will be processed if you have no outstanding account bal-
ance. Less than full-term classes and accelerated courses have a different refund period and you
should consult the on-line information regarding those courses and specific deadlines.
Refunds for courses dropped within the deadline for credit/refund are processed beginning the third week
of term. Refunds for classes paid with a credit card are credited back to the credit card. Refunds are not
issued for amounts under $5. Call Business Services at 503.399.5011 for questions about refund policy.
STEP 1: Log into My Chemeketa
STEP 2: Click Registration
STEP 3: Click Add/Drop Classes
STEP 4: Select Term and click Submit
STEP 5: Select the class you want to drop.
STEP 6: Select Submit Changes.
Click the Actiondrop down menu and se-
If you do not click on Submit Changesthe
lect the applicable drop option. Options may
class will not be dropped.
include -Drop on Web with Refund”, Drop
no refundor Drop Pendingdepending on
the date you drop your class.
STEP 7: Verify that your class has been dropped. **Review your student account to confirm
dropped class credits.** Below are two examples of the add/drop status page”:
Example 1—Writing class dropped before the refund
deadline will disappear from list only showing your
currently registered class(es).
Example 2—Science class that has been dropped after
the refund date indicates Drop No Refund on Jul 24,
2012. “
Once you complete the Add/Drop process, print a copy of the add/drop status page for your rec-
ords. If you have any difficulties in completing the process, please come to the Advising &
Counseling Center for assistance as soon as possible. Pay close attention to the deadlines
posted in the schedule of classes.
Updated !ugust 2018
Payment Options
for Students
Acc ts
Student Payer
Pay Online at
1. Select the Account link in the shortcut menu on the Home page
2. Select “Pay your Account”
3. Select “Proceed to Nelnet” (If first time, verify information and select security questions)
4. Select “Make Payment” button on the left hand side
5. Input desired amount to pay, then click green “Next-Payment Method” button
6. Select your payment method –
Credit Card - We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover*
Bank Account - You may designate a checking or savings account for immediate withdrawal*
Flywire for International Student Payment – International students may also choose to pay
with a wire transfer in their home currency
*Save Information for Future Use
You can save your check or credit card information for future use by entering a profile name on your
payment. This will allow you to select that account information for future payments.
Set up a Payment Plan at
1. Select the “Account link” in the shortcut menu on the Home page
2. Select “Pay your Account”
3. Select “Proceed to Nelnet” (If first time, verify information and select security questions)
4. Select green “Set up a Payment Plan” button on the left hand side of the screen
5. Confirm student information, then click “Next”
6. Confirm amount due, then click “Next”
7. Select payment plan: please note, any plan selected to begin after the first day of term is
subject to late fees
8. Select your payment method: Bank Account or Credit Card
9. Please note that payment plan payments are due on the 5
of every month and are
automatically deducted from the credit card or bank account you select when you enroll
in the payment plan for the term
Pay in Person
At the Enrollment Center in Building 2 on the Salem Campus or at the main office at any of our other
locations in McMinnville (Yamhill Valley Campus), Dallas (Polk Center) or the Woodburn Center.
Mail in Payment
Be sure to include your student ID# on the check to ensure proper processing and mail to:
Chemeketa Community College
Business Services, 2/200
PO Box 14007
Salem OR 97309
Someone Else is Paying for You
If you want someone to pay on your behalf you should know that in compliance with the Family
Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) we are not permitted to share student account balance
information with anyone other than the student, without prior authorization. The College has options to
enable you to grant prior consent to another person to pay or transact business on your behalf. You are
responsible for establishing one of these options in advance.
Authorize a Party to Pay for You
You can authorize a payer through your Nelnet account accessed through MyChemeketa. This will give
the person access to your student account information via Nelnet and in person. The person will not
have access to your MyChemeketa information such as grades, current enrollment, registration
transactions, etc. An Authorized Party can only view the account history (including previous billings),
current balance, process a payment, and set up a payment plan on your behalf.
Set Up an Authorized Party
1. Log on to
2. Select the Account link in the shortcut menu on the Home page
3. Select “Pay your Account”
4. Select “Proceed to Nelnet” (If first time, verify information and select security questions)
5. Select the “Add an Authorized Party” link on the right hand side
6. Input authorized party information, then click “Save”
The Authorized Party will be notified by email (to the email address you provide) that they have been
given access and a separate link to use for accessing Nelnet. An authorized party cannot log in to
Nelnet through
An Authorized Party will also be able to make payments in person on your student account as long as
they have a valid form of identification.
FERPA Authorization Release
1. Authorize the release of your student records to others at
2. Select the Grades & Transcripts link in the shortcut menu on the Home page
3. Select “Student Records Release”
4. Select “Add Authorized Person”
5. You will be given a list of items that you can select for release (e.g. registration
information, student account information, etc.)
6. You will select a code word. Be sure to inform the person you are authorizing what code
word you have established
In Person Payment
We are happy to accept payment on your account from another person on your behalf. However, please
note that we cannot tell the payer the account balance owed by you (without your prior consent as listed
The payer will need to know the exact amount they need to pay prior to paying. Please be sure to
communicate the exact amount to them in advance. If the amount is NOT known then we will be unable
to process the payment. Your account profile should be set up in advance so that we can accept
Agency Payments
We are happy to set up payment arrangements with an employer or other agency. Please have the
authorized company representative contact us directly for more details at the contact information below.
If you have any questions about your student account please contact Business Services at:
Phone: 503.399.5011
In person: Upstairs in Building 2 on the Salem Campus (room 200)
Advising and Counseling Computer Center
Advising and Counseling Services staff are available to help
students with educational, career and/or personal life questions
and choices. We offer help with Steps for New Students, career
counseling options and educational plans. Call 503.399.5120 for
more information or e-mail Our office
is located on the first floor of Building 2 and online at
The Bookstore offers textbooks, student IDs, mail/UPS services,
theater tickets, fax, computers and electronics, general and
reference books, art/school supplies, gifts, candy/snacks, bus
passes, imprinted clothing, and much more. Open 7:30 am-5 pm
with extended hours the first two weeks of the term with the
exception of summer term. Visit
Career Center
Looking for work to pay for school? Need help finding a job after
you complete your degree? Stop by the Career Center in
Building 2, Room 115. We post hundreds of local jobs weekly!
We also provide one-on-one assistance with job searching,
resume and cover letter writing and interview preparation. Find
us online at
College Access Programs (CAP)
CAP includes federally-funded TRIO and CAMP programs, the
STEPS program, and Chemeketa Completion Program (CCP) to
help low-income, first-generation students, students with
disabilities, parenting students, and students from migrant
backgrounds succeed in college. CAP teaches students to be
successful in school and in life to overcome challenges, develop
a growth mindset and empower them to be self-sufficient.
Individualized services include advising, textbook and calculator
lending, tutoring, tuition-free classes, scholarships and computer
lab with free printing. Contact CAP at 503.315.4293, visit
Building 2, Room 230 or online
Student computers that run Windows and have many common
software applications are available for your use in the Library.
Instructional assistants are available to help you use the
software for course assignments. Printing, scanning and
wireless assistance is available. Student ID card required. Call
503.399.5043 or visit online at
Student Accessibility Services
Provides information about academic accommodations for
course work and testing, access to facilities, digital media
formats, sign language interpreters and campus resources.
Students are encouraged to contact Student Accessibility
Services early in the academic process to ensure materials and
services are provided in a timely manner. For information call
503.399.5192, visit us in Building 2, Room 174, or
Financial Aid
Various financial aid resources may be available to you as a
student. Stop by the office in the Enrollment Center, Building 2,
Room 200, to learn more about eligibility requirements,
available amounts and other special information about options
such as grants, scholarships, loans or work study. Visit, call 503.399.5018 or e-mail Applications and other forms are
available at any Chemeketa campus.
Language Lab
The Language Lab welcomes students and staff in the process
of developing their language skill, meeting a conversation
partner to practice language, or studying for class. The lab
features two instructional classrooms with 46 networked PC
workstations for language practice, assessment, and
communication. It also has a variety of media for independent
language study books to read, computer software and websites,
CDs, text books and DVDs. The language center is located in
Building 22, Rooms 108 and 109 on the Salem campus. Contact
us at 503.399.5290 or at
4.9.2020 CM
Library Tutoring & Study Skills Center
The Library is located in Building 9, Room 200 and offers space
for quiet study and group work. Stop by the Reference Desk to
learn how to use library resources or to get started on an
assignment. Many of our resources are available online 24/7.
The Circulation Desk is the place to borrow books, netbooks,
course textbooks and media. Your student ID is your library card
and lets you log on to library computers. Our online catalog
connects you to other libraries in the region and allows you to
request material from Summit libraries. Call us at 503.399.5043
or e-mail Online at
Student Retention and College Life
College is about more than just earning a degree—it’s about
being involved and taking advantage of other learning
experiences such as leadership classes, student government
and cultural offerings. Chemeketa has nearly 40 clubs you can
join as well as a Multicultural Center that offers many programs
including intercultural Movie Night and Evening Study Nights.
Student Retention and College Life also offers resources to
Chemeketa Students such as the Textbook Lending Library,
Book Exchange and the Chemeketa Food Pantry. We are
located in Building 2, Room 176 or online at
Testing Services provides proctored written and computerized
testing for Chemeketa classes. GED, CLEP and Challenge
exams are also available. Testing is available by appointment
which you can schedule by calling 503.399.6556.
Chemeketa students can get face-to-face and online tutoring in
a variety of subjects, such as math, sciences, reading, writing,
accounting, languages, and more. Improve your study skills by
attending workshops on topics including time management,
avoiding procrastination, test-taking strategies, and
more. Strengthen your writing skills by attending workshops on
sentence skills, MLA and APA documentation,
revising/editing/proofreading, and more. You can meet with a
consultant on developing effective learning habits. The Center
is also a great place to use a computer, print, borrow a textbook
or calculator to use on-site, or study by yourself or with
classmates. For more information about services and locations,
please visit our website at or call
Veterans Services
The Veterans Department is available to assist veterans and
other eligible individuals in completing applications for the
different educational benefit programs administered by the U.S.
Department of Veterans Affairs. We are located in the
Enrollment Center, Building 2, Room 200. You can reach us by
phone at 503.399.5004, or fax to 503.399.3908, or e-mail us at online at
Writing Center
The Chemeketa Writing Center (CWC) and Chemeketa Online
Writing Center (COWC) will help any Chemeketa student with any
writing assignment or project. Both writing centers are free
courses Chemeketa students can register for using
My.Chemeketa. We can help at any stage of the writing process
with highly-qualified instructors. In some academic terms,
customized mini-courses on writing basics are also available.
Contact us at 503.399.7179 or stop by the library in Building 9,
floor. Instructions for using the COWC can be found online at
4.9.2020 CM
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