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Get Immediate Access to Your Funds
With Direct Deposit!
Here’s how to set up Direct Deposit:
1. Contact your HR/payroll department to see if they o er a direct deposit option.
2. On the voided check below, fill in the blank fields with your name, address, date
and checking account number.
3. Print the check and submit it to your employer.
4. Confirm your employer has received and processed the form.
5. Wait until you’ve received your first deposit to your Navy Federal account before
closing any old direct deposit accounts.
6. Enjoy safe and convenient access to your funds!
Take advantage of our other time-saving products, and you’ll
be able to:
stay on top of account activity with digital banking,* which oers notifications
and account monitoring services
ensure your bills get paid on time with Bill Pay
safeguard your checks by depositing them immediately with mobile deposit*
eliminate paper statements when you sign up for digital statements
get your cash whenever you need it with thousands of free ATMs nationwide
protect your accounts from overdrafts with our available
checking protection options
*Message and data rates may apply. Terms and Conditions are available. Direct deposits made to a savings account will be subject to Federal regulations
that limit transfers to six per month. This includes all transfers made via digital banking, telephone and automated methods. You may make unlimited transfers at a branch, ATM, by mail, or by telephone
when the transaction results in a check mailed to the depositor. App Store
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get paid!
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paycheck to the account listed below.