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In order to understand the scope of work intended and to expedite the issuance of a permit, it is
important that complete information be provided. Please review this document to determine if you have
adequate information to design your project and to facilitate a plan review.
APPLICATION FORM: Please make sure the following information is provided on the application.
Parcel number obtained from the County Assessor’s Office.
Job address (assigned physical address)
Legal Description: block, lot, tract, subdivision, filing, or section, township and range.
Owners name, mailing address, phone, fax or cell.
Contractors name, mailing address, phone, fax, or cell.
Architect and/or Engineer’s name, mailing address, phone, fax or cell.
Building size, height, number of stories and lot size.
Type of Construction (Residential).
Class of Work (New, Remodel/ Alteration, Addition, Repair, Move/ Relocation).
Detailed description of work.
Type of heating (natural gas, propane, electric, other).
Sewer system (Community or OWTS), also see other items below.
Garage (Attached or Detached).
Driveway permit (please see other items below).
Valuation (labor and materials), see attached worksheet.
WILDFIRE MITIGATION All Garfield County property owners are recommended to employ
wildfire mitigation strategies in the development and construction of all buildings throughout the
County. Please refer to the following publication: “FireWise Construction: Site Design & Building
Materials” which is available from the Colorado State Forest Service for specific wildfire mitigation
strategies applicable to your project.
If you anticipate obtaining a water-tap from the City of Rifle, please provide a letter indicating that
the City will provide water service. Required to submit building permit application.
OWTS requires a septic permit application to be submitted with the building permit application.
A separate electrical permit must be obtained from the State of Colorado Electrical Board.
At the time of building permit submittal, you are required to show proof of legal and adequate
access to the site. This may include proof of right to use a private easement, County Road &
Bridge permit, or Colorado Department of Highway permit, including a Notice to Proceed. The
County Road & Bridge Department can be reached at 970-625-8601.
If you anticipate excavating or grading prior to issuance of a building permit, you will be required
to obtain a separate grading permit.
If you belong to a Homeowners Association (HOA) it is your responsibility to obtain written
approval, if required.
Provide copies of any Resolutions and/or Land Use Permits associated with this property.
Additional Dwelling Units may require Administrative Review.
A Colorado State Licensed Electrician and Plumber must perform installation and hook-ups,
unless the homeowner is performing the work.
BUILDING PLANS: 2 sets of plans must be submitted. Plans must be 18”x24” minimum size, complete,
identical, legible and to scale. All plans will be checked at the counter for completeness. If any of the
required information is missing, the building permit application cannot be accepted.
SITE PLAN: Please make sure the following information is provided on the site plan.
Property address/legal description.
North Arrow and Scale on each page.
Show all property lines, building envelopes, flood plain and easements.
Provide setback distances from boundaries, buildings, septic, well and waterways.
Location and direction of the county or private road and driveway accessing the property.
Proposed and existing structures. Include sheds, barns, decks, patios, and any other buildings.
Existing and proposed grade, positive drainage around structure (to be contained on site).
Streams, rivers, creeks, springs, ponds and ditches.
Existing and proposed wells, septic tanks, leach fields and other systems (if applicable).
Retaining walls (engineer stamped detail required for walls over 4 ft., measured from bottom of
footing to top of wall).
NOTE: Any site plan depicting the placement of any portion of the structure within 50 feet of a property
line or not within an established building envelope shall be prepared, stamped and signed by a licensed
surveyor. For structures to be built within a building envelope, provide a copy of the recorded subdivision
final plat with the proposed structure located in the building envelope.
ARCHITECTURAL PLANS: Please provide the following information on the architectural plans.
Minimum of four (4) elevations (N,S,E,W). Indicate height of building measured from existing
grade to the midpoint between the ridge and eave of a gable or shed roof or to the top of a flat
Floor plans for each level, including dimensions and scale noted.
Clearly label each room or space (bedroom, bath, kitchen, closet, etc).
Show the location of the mechanical equipment.
Building cross sections with construction details.
Window sizes, types and operation noted on the floor plans or elevations.
Specify roof slope/pitch, roof covering and siding materials.
Stair and guard details specifying rise, run, height and spacing.
Attic, roof and crawlspace ventilation details. Indicate size and location of ventilation openings.
Minimum insulation shown for walls, floors, roofs/ceilings, slabs, basements and crawlspaces.
Provide stove and fireplace make, model, EPA or Colorado Phase II Certification. Masonry
fireplaces shall be designed to the International Residential Code (IRC) requirements.
STRUCTURAL PLANS: Please provide the following information on the structural plans.
SOILS REPORT - If the project is located in a subdivision with a final plat requiring site specific
soils investigation report or if Structural plans make a specific reference to a soils report, then a
copy of the soils report is required to submit a building permit application.
Design specifications to include roof and deck snow load, wind and seismic design and frost
Foundation plan showing complete footing and foundation dimensions.
Footing and foundation details specifying reinforcement and referenced on plans.
Framing plans for each floor level and roof. All beams, columns, joists, rafters and trusses
specified. Pre-manufactured structures require the engineers stamp, signature and date.
Framing /connection details, braced wall lines, shear wall schedule, location and hold downs.
NOTE: If any required information is missing, delays in issuing the permit are to be expected. If
determined by the Building Official that additional information is necessary to review the application
and/or plans for compliance, the application may be placed on hold until the required information is
provided. Work may not proceed without the issuance of a permit.
The Building Division will collect a Plan Review fee at time of application submittal. The permit fee, as
well as any Road Impact fees will be collected when the permit is issued.
The permit application must be signed by the owner or by person having written authority from the owner
to act as their representative.
Building cannot be occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued. Using the building without a
CO will be considered an illegal occupancy and may be grounds for vacating the premises. (Final/CO
inspection requirements will be attached to your approved field set of plans.)
I hereby acknowledge I have read, understand and will abide by the requirements of this
__________________________________________ ____________________________
Property Owner Print and Sign Date
Community Development Department
108 8
Street, Suite 401
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
(970) 945-8212
Manufactured Home (Single or Multi-Level)
Residential (SF, Duplex or Townhome)
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) - MAXIMUM SIZE OF 1,000 SQUARE FEET
Property Owner: _________________________________________ Phone: (______)_________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Contractor: _____________________________________________ Phone: (______)_________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Architect: ______________________________________________ Phone: (______)_________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Engineer: ______________________________________________ Phone: (______)_________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Manufactured Home Installer: _____________________________ Phone: (______)_________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Describe Work: ________________________________________________________________________
Job Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
Assessor’s Parcel Number: _________________________________
Sub. ________________________________ Lot ________ Block ________
Owner’s Valuation of Work: $_______________________ Property Size (Sq. Ft. or Acres): _____________
Sq. Ft. of Building: ___________________ Height: _______________ # of Floors:______________
Class of Work:
Type of Heat:
Natural Gas
Permit #: ___________________
Authority. This application for a Building Permit must be signed by the Owner of the property, described above,
or an authorized agent. If the signature below is not that of the Owner, a separate letter of authority, signed by
the Owner, must be provided with this Application.
Legal Access. A Building Permit cannot be issued without proof of legal and adequate access to the property for
purposes of inspections by the Building Division.
Other Permits. Multiple separate permits may be required: (1) State Electrical Permit, (2) County OWTS Permit,
(3) another permit required for use on the property identified above, e.g. State or County Highway/ Road Access
or a State Wastewater Discharge Permit.
Void Permit. A Building Permit becomes null and void if the work authorized is not commenced within 180 days
of the date of issuance and if work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days after commencement.
I hereby certify that I have read this Application and that the information contained above is true and correct. I
understand that the Building Division accepts the Application, along with the plans and specifications and other
data submitted by me or on my behalf (submittals), based upon my certification as to accuracy. Assuming
completeness of the submittals and approval of this Application, a Building Permit will be issued granting
permission to me, as Owner, to construct the structure(s) and facilities detailed on the submittals reviewed by
the Building Division. In consideration of the issuance of the Building Permit, I agree that I and my agents will
comply with provisions of any federal, state or local law regulating the work and the Garfield County Building
Code, OWTS regulations and applicable land use regulations (County Regulation(s)). I acknowledge that the
Building Permit may be suspended or revoked, upon notice from the County, if the location, construction or use
of the structure(s) and facility(ies), described above, are not in compliance with County Regulation(s) or any
other applicable law.
I hereby grant permission to the Building Division to enter the property, described above, to inspect the work. I
further acknowledge that the issuance of the Building Permit does not prevent the Building Official from: (1)
requiring the correction of errors in the submittals, if any, discovered after issuance; or (2) stopping
construction or use of the structure(s) or facility(ies) if such is in violation of County Regulation(s) or any other
applicable law. Review of this Application, including submittals, and inspections of the work by the Building
Division do not constitute an acceptance of responsibility or liability by the County of errors, omissions or
discrepancies. As the Owner, I acknowledge that responsibility for compliance with federal, state and local laws
and County Regulations rest with me and my authorized agents, including without limitation my architect
designer, engineer and/ or builder.
I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the Notice and Certification above, as well as, have
provided the required information which is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
______________________________________________________ __________________________
Property Owner Print and Sign Date
Special Conditions:
Adjusted Valuation:
Plan Check Fee:
Permit Fee:
Manu. Home Fee:
Misc. Fees:
Total Fees:
Fees Paid:
Balance Due:
BP No:
OCC Group:
Const. Type:
BUILDING / PLANNING DIVISION : __________________________________________________ ____________
Signed Approval Date