Gadsden State Community College
Email Monitoring
GSCC may monitor all information stored, transmitted, received, or contained in
the College email systems. Workplace files, internet use, and email may be monitored by
the College. Information flowing through or stored on computers within the network is
not considered confidential and is subject to monitoring by network administrators.
Computer Hardware/Software
Any personally-owned computing property or peripheral equipment (including
wireless devices) brought to the College cannot be connected to the College network
without the approval of the employee’s Supervisor and Computer Services. Personally-
owned software cannot be loaded onto a College-owned computer unless it is directly
related to the job position and is approved by the Supervisor. If any approved personally-
owned computer software is loaded onto a College-owned computer, the license and
documents must remain with the College computer on campus in the event of an audit.
Computer software may be audited by Computer Services and others.
I have read, understand, and will fully comply with the above policies on computer usage
at Gadsden State Community College.
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