GaPSC Upgrade Degree Approval Form
Revised November 2014
This form may only be used for a degree that is NOT listed in the Certificate Upgrade Advisor.
1. Complete this form on your computer
2. Save it to your computer
3. Email it as an attachment to
If you complete and submit this form correctly, the degree’s approval status (yes or no) will then be added to the Advisor
for the related certification field(s). You will be able to check the approval status approximately 2 weeks after submission.
You will not receive approval by email based on submission of this form.
The following types of certificates can be upgraded:
Renewable, professional certificates: Includes Standard Professional, Performance-Based Professional,
Advanced Professional, & Lead Professional. Permits may not be upgraded.
Induction Pathway 1, 2, or 3 certificates: Induction Pathway 4 certificates may not be upgraded.
If you do not hold any of the certificates listed above, do not submit this form! Please visit this page to learn more
about certificate upgrades.
1. Educator Information:
Last Name: ____________________________ First Name: _________________________ MI: _____
GaPSC Certification ID: ______________________ You may look up your Certification ID here.
2. Institution Information:
College/University Name: __________________________________________ State: ___________
Accreditation(s) held: Please mark all that apply. Click on the links to check the institution’s status. Any
advanced degree earned for a certificate upgrade must be completed at an institution that meets at least
one of these accreditations.
Carnegie-High Carnegie-Very High GaPSC-approved
3. Degree Information:
Name of Degree: ______________________________________________________________________
Examples of possible degree names include: Master of Education (M.Ed.); Master of Arts (M.A.);
Educational Specialist (ED.S.); Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
Degree Major or Concentration: _________________________________________________________
Examples of possible majors/ concentrations include: Early Childhood Education; Reading;
Special Education; Chemistry; Curriculum and Instruction
Program website: _____________________________________________________________________
Please provide a link to a page describing the specific degree program.
4. Enrollment Information: Please choose one.
I have not yet begun taking courses in this
degree program.
I started my first course in this program on this
date: ____________________ ____________
Month Year