STEM Undergraduate Research Experience (U.R.E.)
v. 11/1/12 NO
Student requirements:
Registered STEM student (Contact STEM Coordinator: Mrs. Keolani Noa,
Registered for A.S.N.S. degree
If student wishes to apply for a STEM stipend, they must be taking at least 6 credits at
Student must have a faculty mentor and the mentor’s approval
Fill out and submit an Undergraduate Research Form each semester along with the
1. Research proposal that has been approved by the faculty mentor
a. If your faculty mentor does not provide you with specific guidelines, please
use the Proposal Outline below
2. Unofficial transcript (from MyUH Portal, STAR)
Submit forms to STEM Research Coordinator by appropriate deadline for projected research
o Spring (Submit by Jan. 18)
o Fall (Submit by Aug. 30)
o Summer (Submit by May 1)
URE Students should maintain a timesheet of their hours which can be logged on the STEM
website’s “Undergraduate Research” Page.
Student will be required to submit a final scientific paper/poster and participate in a
semester capstone event (i.e. SURF Fair).
Proposal Outline: (2-3 pages, 12-pt font, double-spaced)
Objective: What is the importance/significance of this research and why you are doing it. Give a brief
introduction of the topic area. State your hypothesis and experimental design. If you are in a group
project, state your specific role in the group.
Literature Review: Discuss any related previous research (other than your own) that you have reviewed
and how you will be using this information.
Materials and Methods: Describe the methods you will be using to collect and analyze data. What
instruments or equipment will you be using? If you are applying for materials and supplies funding, please
include this in the “Budget” section.
Timeline: Create a concise timeline of your project goals. List the major benchmarks/goals of your
project and when you hope to have them completed by.
Discussion: What will be the end-product of this project? What are you expected results? How does
this project relate to your academic and/or professional goals and how will it help you to achieve them?
What technical, professional, or academic skills are you hoping to develop?
Budget: If there are materials you will likely need to buy, please provide a detailed budget as a separate
page with short justifications for each item. Please be as in-depth as possible and anticipate as best you
can your future materials needs and their costs.
References/Literature Review: Please state your references if necessary.
Turn in to STEM Research
Date: _______________________
Student’s Name: ___________________________ UH Student ID#:____________________
Gender: ____________ U.S. Citizen: Yes No Date of Birth: ________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________
City: ______________________ State: ______________ Zip Code: _______________
Day Telephone: ______________________ Other: ______________________
E-mail Address: _____________________________________
Current Year in College: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Cumulative GPA: _____________________
Number of Credits currently taking at KCC: _______________________
Have you filled out a STEM Student profile form? Yes No
ASNS degree major: No Life Science Physical Science Pre-Engineering
Check all that apply:
Native Hawaiian/Part-Hawaiian/Mixed Hawaiian Samoan Tongan
Guamanian or Chamorro Micronesian Other Pacific Islander
African American or Black Latino/Hispanic Filipino Caucasian
American Indian/Alaskan Native Asian Indian Chinese Japanese
Korean Laotian Thai Vietnamese
Other Asian Other: __________________________
Research Information
Project Title:
Faculty Mentor:
Brief description of research activities:
A research proposal that has been approved by your faculty mentor
An unofficial transcript (may be printed from MyUH STAR, copies accepted)
Student’s Signature:
Faculty Mentor Signature:
Kapi‘olani Community College Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
4303 Diamond Head Road, Honolulu, HI 96816
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