GTCC Graduation Instructions and Checklist
1. Complete the application and save a copy for your records.
2. Email the completed application to no later than October 30, 2020.
3. If you had a Stafford Loan while attending GTCC, you MUST complete mandatory loan counseling
online at
4. If you were given permission to take course(s) at another college to complete your graduation
requirements, you must include that information on your Graduation Application. Final transcripts
MUST be received no later than December 14, 2020.
5. Information concerning the Spring 2021 Commencement Ceremony (caps and gowns, invitations,
line-up directions, etc.) will be sent to your personal email address by March 31, 2021.
6. Plan to attend graduation and bring your family and friends on May 13, 2021 at the Greensboro
Application for Graduation
Please complete the entire form, save a copy for your records, and email the form to
Please submit one application for each award requested. By submitting this request, you understand
that you must complete all requirements pertaining to your degree program as specified by the Catalog.
___________________ _________________________ _________________________ _____________
First Name Middle Name Last Name Maiden Name
_____________________________________________ ______________________________________
Phonetic Spelling of Name Name as you would like it to appear on your degree/diploma
_____________________________________________ _______________________________________
GTCC Student ID Number or Last Four Digits of Social Security Number Date of Birth
_____________________________________________ ___________________ ______ _____________
Address City State Zip
_____________________________________________ _______________________________________
Cell Phone Number Alternate Phone Number
_____________________________________________ _______________________________________
GTCC Email Personal Email
I would like to have my permanent record updated to include the name and address on this application.
I am applying for a: □ Degree (Two-year) □ Diploma (One-year)
In (Program Name): ____________________________________________________________________
(Program Code): ____________________________________________________________________
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Records Processing Center
SGRD Entry: ______________________________
Appl. Entry: ______________________________
GPA: ____________________________________
Grad: ___________________________________
DOD Entry: _______________________________
Print Date: _______________________________