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s making application to graze cattle, horses, sheep on the road reserve directly adjacent to the
applicant’s property located at
during the period to
ubject to the following conditions:-
1. T
he Grazing Permit when granted shall be for a period of 3 full months from the date of
approval, ending on the last day of the third full month following application.
2. T
he Grazing Permit is not deemed granted until either the applicant is in possession of a
copy of this document signed by an Animal and Bylaw Services team member OR is in
receipt of an email from MDC Animal and Bylaw Services confirming the permit is
3. T
he stock shall be attended or behind an adequate fence, and under control at all times;
4. Grazing stock is prohibited within 1.5m to the roadway or within 0.5m of any waterway or
ulvert; and
5. T
emporary fences shall only be erected on the road reserve directly adjacent to th
censee’s property, unless written permission is gained from the licensee’s neighbour
to graze their road reserve frontage; and
6. If an electric fence is used, it must comply with section 13.5 of the New Zealand
Standard 6203 (Agricultural Electric fencing regulations 1987) (see on reverse) and be
removed when stock are moved; and
7. G
raze only during day-light hours. All stock must be removed from the roadside during
the night; and
8. Safety reflectors (or road cones) are used at both ends and throughout the temporary
fence at no more than 50m intervals; and
9. Only flexible posts be to be used. Fixed posts, waratahs and road signage is prohibited
to be used when erecting a fence; and
10. No temporary fence may be in place for a period greater than 2 weeks, unless consent
of Council is given; and
11. No damage shall be caused to the water tables; and
12. All liability to be borne by owner of stock; and.
13. In the event that your stock are found wandering not under control, contrary to this
permit and attendance by an Animal and Bylaw Services Officer is required to contain
the animals. Droving charges of $79 will be invoiced to the applicant.
In the event of any dispute, the Officers decision shall be final.
A fee of $29 shall be payable on application, this application will be considered once payment
has been received. Please make payment at Masterton District Council Customer Services, 161
Queen Street, Masterton Or by automatic bank payment to -
MAST DISTRICT COUNCIL 03 0687 0271682 000 Please use Grazing Permit as reference.
By signing this application or inserting your name into the space below you are agreeing to abide
by the conditions above. Non-compliance could result in this permit being revoked (the Grazing
Permit application fee will not be refunded following revocation of permit for non-compliance)
Section 13.5 of the New Zealand Standard 6203 (1987) are printed on the reverse of this
Grazing permit.
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Operating Instructions
nstructions shall be supplied with the energizer, providing details for installation including the
connection of the electric fence line and earthing system, and containing the substance of the
following wording:
(a) Electric fence energizers must not be connected to any fence conductor of barbed
) In exceptional circumstances, such as drought conditions or the presence of highly
flammable material, there may be risk of fire caused by sparking from the fence.
) Energizers shall be installed in a position protected from risk of mechanical damage or
unauthorised interference.
) An energizer should not be mounted on the post of any overhead line unless permission
is granted by the owner of the line.
e) Each energizer should be connected to a separate earth electrode and this should no
e connected to any other earthing device.
(f) Only one energizer may be connected to any electric fence system.
g) Every electric fence conductor shall be so installed that it is not liable to come into
contact with any power or communication apparatus or wiring, or any earth continuity
(h) Any electric fence installed along a public road or highway, or as a boundary fence, shall
ave clamped to the wire or fastened to posts at suitable intervals, identification signs of flat
durable material at least 200 mm by 100 mm, having on both sides a yellow background and an
indelible black inscription of either the substance of the words TAKE CARE-ELECTRIC FENCE in
block lettering at least 25 mm high or the international symbol