INSTRUCTIONS: Before you complete this application you should conduct your own graduation audit either
by going to “My NECC” on the college website or seeing your academic advisor or the CPAC advising center.
To graduate, you will need a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0, met the Core Academic Skills
requirements (if applicable), completed exit loan counseling at
(if applicable) and must have
fulfilled your program requirements as listed in the Academic Advising Handbook. If you think you will be eligible
to graduate, complete the information below and submit this form to Enrollment Services, Welcome/Express Desk in
Haverhill or Lawrence. In addition, be sure to attach any written program audit or course waivers that you may have
received. Information about your cap and gown and the annual Commencement will be mailed to you during the
month of April. If you are applying for more than one degree or certificate in a given semester, you must fill out a
separate application for each degree or certificate that you are applying for. Please print clearly and neatly.
Student ID #. _______________________ Telephone #. ________________
Last Name: _____________________ First Name: ______________________ M. I. _______
Street Address: ___________________________ City: _________ State: ____ Zip: ________
What graduation period are you applying for?
(Please Check) May August December LPN
Associate in Arts ___________ Associate in Science Certificate ____________ ___________
Program you are applying for ____________________________________________________
List other colleges you have attended or are currently attending if transfer credits are to be
used for your degree.___________________________________________________________
Print your name exactly as you want it to appear on your diploma
Submit completed form to Enrollment Services, Welcome/Express Desk in Haverhill or
Lawrence prior to the posted deadline date. This date will be posted on the current Academic
Calendar each semester. The completed form can also be mailed to 100 Elliott Street,
Haverhill, MA 01830; faxed to 978-556-3160; or emailed to
PART II Office Use Only
Exit Interview Required: Yes_____ No_____
Program Code In Banner________________ Program Number In Banner________________
Seq.#_______ Registrar's Date __________________ By:_________________________
A. ___Eligible to graduate Final GPA______ Honors: C____ S_____MT: Yes___No___
B. Pending upon successful completion of courses work in progress:
C. Not eligible to graduate. Reason:_____________________________________________
_________________________________________ _______________________________
Code: AW____ RJ_____ PN_______ Signature__________________ Date:__________
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