Criteria: To be eligible to become a GA, a student:
Must be enrolled at Harding as a fulltime graduate or professional student ( 9 hours in fall/spring; 6
hours in summer).
Must meet the admission requirements of the program (i.e., not be on conditional admission).
If a new graduate or professional student, must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and maintain a
minimum graduate or professional GPA of 3.0.
If a current graduate or professional student, must have and maintain a minimum graduate or professional
GPA of 3.0.
Must be and remain a student in good standing with no ethical violations.
In the fall and spring, students receiving this award are required to work 20 hours per week (300 hours per
standard term). The recipient receives $3,500 before taxes for each of the fall and spring terms.
In the summer, students receiving this award are required to work 214 hours. The summer recipient
receives $2,500 before taxes.
Graduate assistants may work for up to three terms.
If any of the above criteria are not met while a student is serving in a graduate assistant position, the student
may be removed from the position and will not be eligible for any future GA position until all criteria are
If hired as a GA, you will receive a check for $400 approximately 2-3 weeks after the semester has started.
The remaining balance (minus taxes) will be posted to your account 3-4 weeks after the semester begins.
If hired as a GA, you will be expected to keep a timesheet to record the number of hours worked.
Please complete the application (next page) and return it to: Harding
University Provost Office, Administration Building room 102 or Box
10773 or email
Students should check with the student payroll office regarding their
status with that office and to receive a payroll verification card, to be
submitted with their application.
Applying for a GA position does not guarantee that you will be hired. Once your eligibility has been
confirmed, you may be called for an interview. If a supervisor decides to hire you, you will sign a two-page
contract at that time.
Contact Information
Name _____________________________________________________________________________________
First Middle Last (Maiden)
Student ID # H___________________________ Date of Birth _______________________________
Semester you plan to enroll____________ Graduate/Professional Degree you are seeking____________________
Present Address ___________________________ City _______________________ State _____ Zip_________
Summer Address (if different from above)______________________________________________________
Home Phone_______________________________ Cell phone _________________________
Summer Phone _____________________________ Harding E-mail ______________________________
Harding Campus Box Number ___________________ Undergraduate Major _______________________
Degree obtained ______________________________ Undergraduate GPA ________
Graduate/professional GPA (if currently a student) ________ Are you a veteran? Yes _____ No _____
Knowledge and Skills
I understand that by filling out this form: (1) I am allowing such personal information as my GPA, schedule, contact
information, and other related information to be shared with interested faculty members and (2) I am not
guaranteed to receive a graduate assistant position. Please attach your current resume/CV or a list of your
All information disclosed on this application is voluntary and will be used in a non-discriminatory manner,
consistent with applicable civil rights laws.
Signed _______________________________________ Date: ____________________
For office use only:
Current GPA
Enrolled Fulltime
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