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NAME: ____________________________________ DATE: ______________________________
APU ID Number (if known):_____________________ TERM: ______________________________
Non-degree is for those who do not intend to complete a program at APU, yet wish to take course(s) for credit.
If applicants possess a bachelor’s degree, and intend to take an undergraduate course, one should apply as a
non-degree student. Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.
Examples are: Taking pre-requisite class prior to applying to a program, or classes for personal/professional growth, or to
transfer to another school outside APU.
Please mark the box next to the selection that best fits your situation:
Is this a regularly scheduled class or an independent study? Regular Class Independent Study
If you are taking an independent study class, what is the start and end date of this agreement?
I wish to apply for Pre-requisite class(es).
Please select the area of the pre-requisite course(s) needed:
Does this course require you to work with children? Yes No
If you selected yes, this requires a valid Certificate of Clearance form from the State of
Undergraduate Science Undergraduate Psychology
Undergraduate Math
Other: _________________________________________________________________________
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Enrollment Counselors: This form must be completely filled out to be processed. Please forward the completed document to
the Processing Office.
Enrollment Counselor/Processing Comments:
*Non-degree classes are not offered in UG/GR Business, GR Psychology, GR Physical Therapy, and UG/GR Nursing.
Are you planning on taking a class that would add or clear a credential? If so, which credential?
I wish to apply to an APU program once pre-requisite courses have been met.
If so, what program?_____________________________________________________________________________
I wish to take classes for personal/professional development, and do not intend to apply these classes towards
the completion of a program at APU.
If so, please enter the type of class(es) you wish to take:
If your situation is different from anything listed above, please explain details of your request to apply as a non-
degree student: