First year
attended college before
Attended College Before
HOPE Scholars
Graduated as a
HOPE Scholar
with a 3.0 GPA
Entering a
program of
Have obtained a 3.0 GPA
Are currently in a
major or are
switching to a
Degree major from a
Have attempted at
least 30 degree
level semester
hours (from any
college or
university) that will
transfer into the
Degree program for
which they wish to
be evaluated
Received HOPE
Scholarship funds at
GNTC or another
within the last 3
Are returning to
GNTC after at least
one semester or are
transferring to GNTC
from another
Have maintained a 3.0
GPA for the Degree
program in which they
are enrolled.
Important Notes
1) The HOPE Scholarship has a 7-year Expiration Date meaning…
Students who have not received a HOPE Scholarship payment prior to Summer term 2011, and
meets all other eligibility requirements for HOPE Scholarship, may receive the HOPE
Scholarship until:
seven years after his/her high school graduation date or
seven years after the graduation date of the student's high school graduating class if the
student withdrew from high school prior to his/her graduation date or
seven years after his/her GED test date or Home Study program completion date
*In any of the above referenced instances, the expiration date will be set by whichever criteria is met first.*
Students who received the HOPE Scholarship at least once prior to Summer term 2011 will have
an expiration date of June 30, 2099.
2) Unless you are a HOPE Scholar out of high school, 30 semester hours is the first entry point; there are
two additional entry points at the 60
and 90
semester hours.
3) If you do not initially qualify for the HOPE Scholarship, you may request to be re-evaluated at the 60
and 90
semester hours.
*Please Note: The scholarship GPA will be determined from credit hours/classes that count toward the
degree program for which you wish to be evaluated. Classes out-side-of the degree program or not
degree level will not be factored.*
4) HOPE Scholarship funds max out at 127 combined (HOPE Grant & Scholarship) semester hours.
5) Students who are evaluated at the 90
hour check point and do not qualify, will never be eligible for
scholarship funds.
GNTC Financial Aid Office
HOPE Scholarship Evaluation
Students need to complete the attached evaluation form if they
meet the requirements in one of the below categories.
HOPE Scholarship Evaluation Form
Financial Aid Office
Phone: 866-983-4682
Financial Aid
FAX: (706) 802-5041
List the degree major code for that program (if you do not know the degree major code, you may find it on
the webpage for the respective program):
List the degree program you wish to be evaluated for:
Last Name
First Name
Yes No
Yes No
Are you a first-time college student?
Enrollment Information
Please list all prior colleges attended in the area below. (Failure to list all
attended, or failure to
provide correct information could result in processing delays and/or cancelation & repayment of HOPE funds.)
Name of College Attended
City & State of
Dates of Attendance
From-To (MM/YYYY)
Have you had all final, official transcripts from previous colleges sent to and received by GNTC?
If you have attended prior colleges and have not yet had your transcripts sent from those colleges to
GNTC, we will not be able to complete your evaluation (even if you did not receive transfer credit for
those classes).
You are responsible for paying any charges not covered by financial aid by the Tuition & Fee Deadline
Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for this form to be processed. *It may take longer depending on
any additional documentation we may need.*
You will be notified of the evaluation outcome via your GNTC Email account.
*We do not accept Electronic Signatures. All signatures must be in ink*
Student’s Signature Date
Please take a moment to complete our customer service survey. Complete the financial aid survey.
GNTC is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia and an Equal Opportunity Institution.
GNTC ID Last Name First Name M.I
For Office Use Only
HOPE Scholarship Expiration Date: ____________________
Registrar Initials: FAO Initials: _______________
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