This application is for international students fully accepted to a degree program at Touro College. International students must obtain
a form I-20 to apply for F-1 visa or continue their studies in the U.S. Please email a completed I-20 application form to
the International Admissions Coordinator to start your I-20 application process. All documents must be LEGIBLE
electronic copies.
Proof of Financial Support Documents
The USCIS requires that all international student applicants provide proof of sufficient funds to cover full-tuition and living
expenses for themselves and/or their dependents before we can issue an I-20 form. Students must prove their
financial ability to pay the first year of studies including tuition, fees, and living expenses and their ability to pay the full
term of study (Touro College of Dental Medicine (TCDM) applicants: refer TCDM's tuition policy for financial
requirements). Minimum financial support requirements for your program can be obtained from your respective
International Students Admissions Representative listed above.
Acceptable Financial support documents:
Official bank statements of savings or checking accounts.
Approved educational loans.
Asset statements.
Fixed deposits or government bonds with maturing date.
Scholarships from schools, governments, or other organizations.
An affidavit of support for free room and board with proof of residency.
Requirements of all financial documents:
Comprehensive document in the English Language or have English language translation.
Documents must indicate the values (balance) and currency.
Current statements within the last 6 months from the submission date of I-20 application.
Proof of English proficiency:
International applicants whose first language is not English are required to submit proof of English proficiency that is
required by their programs. The requirement varies by the programs. If your program requires higher English proficiency
level than the minimum requirements below, you have to fulfill the program’s English proficiency requirements.
F-2 Dependents
If you accompany your dependents (spouse and/or children) to the U.S., you will need to submit the following documents
for F2 I-20 issuance.
Proof of relationship: marriage certificate for spouse/ birth certificates for children
Additional financial support per annum: $7500 for your spouse and $5000 for each child
For Touro College of Dental Medicine: Mr. James DeMaio Sr. 914-594-3003
I-20 Application Checklist
General Documents
o Application for I-20
o A copy of College acceptance letter
o A copy of the Biographic page(s) of
o Proof of English proficiency
o Financial support documents
General Financial Documents
o Official Bank statement(S) within 6
months of the I-20 application
submission date
Sponsor funds if applicable
o Official Bank statement(s) within 6
months of the I-20 application submission
o Notarized Affidavit of Support
o Proof of Income (optional)
Room and Board Sponsor in the U.S. if applicable
o Proof of address
o Notarized Affidavit of Support for Room
and Board
Transfer Students
o All of general & financial documents
o Completed Touro College SEVIS Transfer
o Copies of all previously issued form I-20s
o Copies of F1 visa and I-94
Change of Status &
Reinstatement Students
Please consult with DSO for appropriate
After you submit a completed I-20 Application and all required documents to the relevant International Admissions
Coordinator, the Office of International and Veteran Student Affairswill issue your I-20. You shall receive an original
I-20 with instructions for your F1 visa application process. For further questions or concerns, please contact
the Office of International and Veteran Student Affairs at 320 W. 31st Street, Rm 134, New York, NY 10001
Phone:(212) 463-0400 ext.55607 or 55391. DSO information can be found here.
* You are required to contact the Office of International and Veteran Student Affairs for visa validation before you
begin the program.
Complete all of the following information and submit it to the International Student Admissions Coordinator
Before the deadline in order to be issued a Touro College I-20.
PART I: Student Information
1. Name (as in passport)
First: Last:
2. Touro Student I D #
3. Date of Birth (MM/ DD /YYYY)
4. Phone number
5. Email Address
6. Country of Birth
7. Country of Citizenship
8. Current Status / Visa Type
in the US (If already in the US)
PART II: Address Information
1. Foreign Address in Home Country (Required by U.S. Government Regulations):
Street, City, State, Zip code, and Country
2. U.S. Address if applicable: Street, City, State, Zip code
3. Mailing Address: Street, City, State, Zip code, and Country
PART III: Mailing Option for I-20
Please check one option.
Pick Up
International Mail