GEMS Financing Program CHANGE ORDER
To be completed when final invoice amount will vary from original contract
This agreement is made between___________________________________(hereinafter
called Installer) and _________________________________(hereinafter called
Customer), to provide services that differ from those specified in the Installer’s original
The agreed upon changes to scope of work and/or installer charges are as follows:
Please include changes to the system size and installed costs p/watt as a result of this change
order. Please also provide the updated PVWatts system verification printout and a
resigned verification of system accuracy reflecting the installation change(s), if applicable.
________________________________________ $ ________________
________________________________________ $ ________________
________________________________________ $ ________________
________________________________________ $ ________________
________________________________________ $ ________________
________________________________________ $ ________________
Total net change in work scope: $________________
All other terms of the initial estimate are also incorporated into this Change Order. The work
authorized by this Change Order requires program approval prior to work being
performed. Energy Finance Solutions will complete this work scope review on behalf of the
GEMS program.
If the above changed work results in a new loan amount to be financed through the GEMS
Financing Program, the Customer must complete and sign a revised Loan Agreement. Until
and unless a revised Loan Agreement is executed, the loan may not be closed and the funded to
the Installer, and payment of the contracted amount will be the responsibility of the Customer.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this contract as of the date written below.
________________________________ __________________________________
Customer Contractor
________________________________ _________________________________
Address Company Name
______________________ ______________________
Date Date
Please send the completed form to EFS by email to, or by fax at
(608) 249-5788. Please contact EFS by phone at (800) 600-7066 with questions.