Funeral Pre-Planning Worksheet (For Burial Interment)
Please fill out, print and keep this Worksheet in a safe place so that your family members will be aware
of your funeral and/or memorial wishes. To use this Worksheet, fill in the desired information and then
use your browser's print option to print out this page for your records.
1: What type of service are you thinking about?
Traditional Service: A service is held at the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel or Community Center
Chapel followed by a graveside service at the USAFA cemetery.
Graveside Service: Since most of our families travel from out of the local area, services are usually
conducted in the hometown prior to coming to the Academy. Therefore, a graveside service is
conducted at the USAFA Cemetery with no services held at the Cadet or Community Center Chapel.
Memorial Service: When remains are not interred in the USAFA Cemetery, a memorial service may
still be conducted at the Cadet or Community Center Chapel.
2: What type of casket would you prefer? Selecting a casket is a personal choice that can be made
with the assistance of your family and a funeral director in your home town.
Hardwood Steel Other
3: What type of clothing will you want to be buried in?
Military uniform Civilian clothing Other
4: Will lodging be required for next of kin on base? Reservations may be made in advance by calling
(719)333-4910, extension 0. A credit card number must be provided in order to secure rooms.
Visiting Officers Quarters (VOQ) Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF)
5: Will you want a reception set up at one of the following locations?
Officers' Club Doolittle Hall (Association of Graduates)
Golf Course Tee House Press Box Other
6: Will you want Honor Guard to provide military honors? The USAFA Base Honor Guard provides
funeral honors for those eligible members in accordance with Air Force regulations.
Yes No
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