Rev January 2018
Funds Request
Please attach a detailed cost breakdown and any other relevant information that is relevant. Academic Departments must include a letter
of support from their Dean. Student Services or Administrative Departments must include a letter of support from their Department Head.
If funding is for a recurring item, funding can be provided for up to two years. Afterward, the requestor must reapply for future funding
If the cost for a recurring item increases after the first payment, this approval allows for subsequent payments to be made at the increased
rate as long as funding is available.
Submit all request fund from to by the 1st of October, December, February, May, or July.
Department Information
Department Requesting Funds:
Phone Number:
(Department’s director or dean, site manager, or respective Vice Chancellor)
Description/Justification of request:
Goals and Objectives
Student Technology Fee Program Goal: To provide students with access to, and training in, information technology
and discipline-specific equipment that represents the current state of the art technology for that discipline.
Which objective would this advance?
Objective 1.1: To provide public access computers with current software as well as network connectivity.
Objective 1.2: To provide the BRCC student body with access to state-of-the-art software and hardware, including
classroom technologies which support student learning.
Objective 1.3: To increase access to the campus network and internet resources via wireless internet and other
innovative access options.
Objective 1.4: To ensure that instructional laboratories and open laboratories are equipped with the most current
equipment appropriate to teaching and learning in the various disciplines of the College.
Objective 2.1: To enhance student learning by providing support programs in order to optimize the use of multi-
media and other instructional technologies.
Objective 2.2: To provide appropriate state-of-the-art technology to student services that directly support student
life and learning (e.g., Career Planning and Placement, the Academic Learning Center, Student Development etc.)
Beneficiaries of funds:
Initial Cost:
Recurring Costs:
Other Sources of Funds:
Impact on college priorities:
Office Use Only
Partially Approved
Not Approved
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