Full-time Faculty Agreement
Faculty are responsible for a thorough knowledge and understanding of the content of the Faculty Manual, the Student
Handbook, Preventing Sexual Assault Handout, Compliance Information, and the ASA College Catalog. All Handbooks
are available online (ASA Website and Faculty Portal) and are updated periodically.
Faculty will treat all students with respect and professionalism. Faculty will respect all aspects of confidentiality with
students, including but not limited to grades, personal issues, and classroom issues in compliance with FERPA regulations
All communications regarding students should only be shared with the Division Chairs/Deans, Vice President, Provost,
and/or President.
A main function of the faculty’s responsibility is to maintain the college’s academic standards while retaining students.
Faculty are expected to be supportive of the student body in a variety of ways including assisting students academically
outside of class, communicating with students who miss class, promoting and attending College extracurricular student
activities, as well as acting as a success coach/advisor to them. Faculty will provide students with a variety of activities that
will enable students to bond with the college and each other. The student activities objective is to provide students with a
quality college experience. In an effort to meet these goals, all full-time faculty are required to plan and arrange one to two
student activities during the academic year.
In that the needs of the college’s students are ever-changing, faculty are asked to recognize that curriculum requires frequent
evaluation in a variety of ways including attendance at faculty meetings, curriculum meetings, and in-service activities.
Full-time faculty may serve on the college’s Curriculum Committees or may be asked to attend specific meetings where his
or her expertise is needed. Please be advised that some of these meeting may require attendance past 5 p.m.
Faculty must be available for graduation, Start-of-Semester meetings, and any ASA in-service training workshops and/or
planning sessions. These meetings will be scheduled with plenty of time in advance so adequate planning can be made.
In addition to the academic year, faculty may be expected/requested to assist with semester registration, freshmen
orientation, freshman “meet and greet”, or other college related activities.
Faculty can choose to teach their courses over the academic year or the calendar year which includes the summer term. It
is understood that evening/weekend courses will be part of the course assignment. Full time faculty may be called upon to
provide their expertise to the college in ways other than classroom instruction including participation on College
An essential part of the college’s commitment to student success is the availability of the faculty beyond the hours they
instruct. Full-time faculty are expected to be at the college for 35 hours a week. Faculty should be available to students
after class as needed. Faculty who teach evening/weekend as part of their full-time schedule must meet with the Division
Chair/Dean to determine expected hours to be at the college. Faculty office hours must be posted on the Intranet, on the
outside of his or her office space, and a copy is to be available with the Division Office.
The college believes that faculty should be involved in on-going professional development and be up-to-date in their fields
of expertise and in related technology. The college will reimburse faculty for the tuition cost of college credit courses
completed with a grade of “B” (3.0) or better. This course work must be related to a faculty member’s area of instruction.
The Provost must approve courses in advance, subject to the limitations described in the Faculty Handbook.
Faculty are also encouraged to attend professional meetings, seminars, training sessions, workshops and to regularly study
professional journals. The college will reimburse faculty as detailed in the Faculty Handbook for professional development
activities with prior approval from the Division Chairs/Deans.
While employed with ASA, it is expected that faculty members discuss their opportunities for additional employment
outside the college with the Provost before they accept another position. This is necessitated because often faculty are not
aware of all the implications their additional employment might have on the college and its various relationships in the
Faculty members must inform the College of resignations at least one month prior to the end of the semester for the following
semester. Once a semester begins, full time faculty members are expected to keep their commitment to teach till the end of
the semester. Breach of this commitment may result in punitive damages.
For faculty members qualified to participate, the college will match employee contributions to a 401(k) plan as delineated
in the Employee Handbook. For additional information regarding employee benefits, please review the Employee
The faculty member’s signature below confirms that he/she has read the entire agreement herein, understands the content,
has had an opportunity to ask questions about the agreement, and fully accepts to abide by the terms of this agreement and
those terms outlined in relevant College publications such as the Faculty Handbook and the Employee Handbook.
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