Fort Bragg Graduation and Recognition Ceremony 2019
14 November 2019 | 1300 | Iron Mike Conference and Catering Center
Participation in the graduation and recognition ceremony is open to Service Members (Army
and Sister Services), Family Members, Veterans, and Civilian Employees. Participants
must apply by 1 NOV 2019. Please type or print clearly.
Graduate Information This information will be used to announce graduates and create the program.
Military Rank or Title (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss, etc.): __________
Last Name: ____________________________ First Name: ___________________ MI: ______
Email: ___________________________________ Telephone Number: __________________
Military Affiliation Mark all that apply
Currently Serving Branch of Service ______________ Unit/BDE_____________________________
Veteran Branch of Service _________________ Retiree Branch of Service _________________
Military Spouse Branch of Service ___________ Veteran Spouse Branch of Service __________
Civilian Organization______________________ Other Please specify _____________________
Degree Information
College or University: ____________________________________________________
Degree/Credential Earned: Associates Bachelors Masters Other __________
Exact Title of Your Degree Ex. Bachelor of Science in Management with a Concentration in Leadership
Have you met your school’s requirements to be recognized as an Honors Graduate?
Includes cum laude, highest honors, honors in the major, etc. Your institution may not designate honors graduates.
No Yes If yes, honors received: _________________________________
Affirmation of Eligibility to Participate
I verify that I have contacted my college or university and meet all institutional requirements to be
recognized for degree completion at the November 2019 Fort Bragg Graduation & Recognition
Ceremony. Initial: __________ Date: ___________
I understand that additional participant information will be provided to me via email and that all personal
and contact information above is correct. Initial: _________
Check here if you may require disability accommodations in order to participate. A Fort Bragg
Education Center Staff member will contact you to make appropriate arrangements.
Returning This Application Deadline 1 November 2019
Graduates of on-post colleges should return this form to their institution’s office on Fort Bragg.
School representative initial: ________________ Date received: ____________
Graduates of all other institutions should submit their application to Mrs. Davis: (email preferred) (910) 908-4954 Fort Bragg Education Center Wing A