Entertainment/Programming Approval Form
Entertainment is defined as meals, light refreshments or an activity where the main purpose of the combined
business and entertainment was to actively conduct university business in support of the university's mission,
promote goodwill, donor cultivation with a general expectation of some benefit to the university. These activities
generally include MT Tech employee and MT Tech guests at an off campus location.
Entertainment must be pre-approved if over $30.00 for the event.
Submit completed form to Accounts Payable prior to event.
If alcohol is served, prior approval from the Chancellor or Designee is required
Form must be submitted to the Chancellor's Office 7 working days in advance to event.
Today's Date: Requested By:
Requesting approval to use funds for official entertainment. Dept. Name:
(Index Code)
Date of Event: Cost: Official Host: Location:
Pay To: Pay To:
EIN/790# Name/Address
Describe type of event (light refreshments, meals and/or related services - concert tickets, room rental, etc)
Purpose of Entertaining:
List name of guest(s) or group at function, indicate their affiliation to the University (attach list if necessary)
Department Head Approval:
Printed Name and Title:
Chancellor or Designated Vice
Research & Sponsored Programs
Chancellor or Designated Vice
Chancellor Approval for Alcohol:
(Required for Grant index codes)
A/P Circle One: Entertainment Expense or Programming Expense
Revised 6/1/2020