Request to Declare a Minor
Office of the Registrar
Form must be approved by the Academic Department offering the minor and submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
Student may enroll for one additional semester beyond graduation for the purpose of completing a minor program.
Name: ID Number: Current Major: ____
Applied Mathematics (APMT)
Global Studies (GLOB)
Applied Physics (APPH)
Geriatric Engineering Technology (GET)
Applied Statistics (APST)
History (HIST)
Biological Sciences (BIOL)
Industrial Engineering (IE)
Biomedical Engineering (BMED)
Information Technology (IT)
Business (BUS)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (INNV)
Business and Information Systems (BIS)
Journalism (JRL)
Chemistry (CHM)
Leadership in Aerospace Studies (AS)
Communication (COMM)
Legal Studies (LS)
Computational Mathematics (CMTH)
Literature (LIT)
Computer Engineering (COE)
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MNET)
Computer Science (CS)
Materials Engineering (MTEN)
Data Analytics (DAN)
Math of Finance and Actuarial Sci. (MFAS)
Design of the User Experience (DUE)
Mathematical Biology (MBIO)
Economics (ECON)
Mobile and Web (MW)
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Philosophy and Applied Ethics (PHIL)
Electronic Creative Writing (ECW)
Psychology (PSYC))
Environmental Engineering (ENE)
Science, Technology and Society (STS)
Environmental Science and Policy (ESP)
Technology, Gender and Diversity (TGD)
Environmental Studies & Sustainability (ESS)
Theater Arts and Technology (THAT)
Forensic Science (FRSC)
Geosystems (GEO)
Student has been accepted to the program checked above. Special conditions of acceptance, if any:
__________________________________________________ __________________________________
Signature of Minor Department Representative Date
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