Form T-7 (Rev. 09/2008)
This bill of sale provides evidence that a transaction between the buyer and seller has taken place and that the odometer reading
has been declared by the vehicle’s seller and acknowledged by the vehicle’s purchaser. NOTE: If a COURT-ORDERED SALE,
attach the court order and provide the case number under the Seller/Transferor Name Below.
On______________________, I/we, ______________________________________________________________________
Month, Day & Year of Sale/Transfer Seller/(s)’/Transferor(s)’ Full Legal Name(s)
Seller/(s)’/Transferor(s)’ Street Address, City, State & Zip
Court Order Case Number __________________________ Georgia Tax ID Number _____________________________
Sold/transferred the following vehicle _______________________________________________________________________
Vehicle Year /Make/Identification Number
To __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Purchaser(s)’/Transferee(s)’ Full Legal Name(s)
Purchaser(s)’/Transferee(s)’ Street Address, City, State & Zip
Seller(s)/Transferor(s) further states that there are no liens, security interests, or encumbrances on this vehicle except as listed below:
Lien, Security Interest or Encumbrance Holder(s)’ Name(s)
Lien, Security Interest or Encumbrance Holder(s)’ Street Address, City, State & Zip
Federal regulations require the seller(s)/transferor(s) to disclose the odometer reading and the purchaser(s)/transferee(s) to
acknowledge the odometer reading upon the transfer of ownership of a vehicle that is not
exempt from odometer disclosure
requirements. Ten-model (10) years old and older vehicles are exempt from odometer disclosure requirements. If a vehicle is ten-
model (10) years old or older, the seller/transferor may enter the word “exempt” in the space provided below for the odometer reading.
I/we hereby certify that to the best of my/our knowledge the odometer reading is _________________ (no tenths) and reflects the
total actual mileage of the vehicle unless one
of the following statements is checked:
The mileage on the vehicle is in excess of the mechanical limits of the odometer.
The odometer reading is not the actual mileage – Warning Odometer Discrepancy
The Information in this Section is Required for Vehicles Purchased Outside Georgia or Pursuant to a Court Order*
1. Purchase Price (Cash price plus taxable fees & charges) $
2. Trade-in Allowance (Do not include down payment or any rebates.) - $
3. Taxable Amount (Subtract line 2 from line 1 and record total.) $
4. Purchaser(s)’ Georgia County of Residence:
5. Georgia Sales Tax Rate in Purchaser’s County %
6. Tax Due Amount (Amount on line 3 multiplied by sales tax rate on line 5): $
7. Credit (From sales tax paid to other state if applicable): - $
8. Georgia Sales Tax Due (Amount shown on line 6 minus amount shown on line 7): $
_____________________________________________ __________________________________________
Purchaser(s)’/Transferee(s)’ Signature(s) Seller(s)’ Transferor(s)’ Signatures
___________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
Purchaser(s)’/Transferee(s)’ Printed Name(s) Seller(s)’/Transferor(s)’ Printed Name(s)
Seller’s GEORGIA Sales Tax Number (if applicable)
*Effective January 1, 2006, a Georgia title will not be issued (if title required) for a vehicle purchased out-of-state or purchased pursuant to a court
order unless sales tax is not due, paid with the application for title, or proof of payment of Georgia sales tax is submitted, e.g. contract, dealer’s
invoice, bill of sale showing the amount of Georgia sales tax paid or the seller’s valid Georgia sales tax number is recorded on the bill of sale.