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Application for Promotion or Assignment
This application provides the review committee and selecting
official a summary of your education, work experience, and
capabilities in specific areas pertinent to the vacant position. List
your education or training and work experience in the spaces
provided. Number your entries consecutively in the Reference
No. columns, e.g., education or training 1-6, postal positions 7-
10, etc.
The vacancy announcement to which you are responding lists a
number of job requirements. In this application you are to provide
your qualifications in reference to those requirements. Your
statement of qualification should include a demonstration of the
required knowledge, skill, or ability (KSA). All of the requirements
should be addressed. Failure to address each requirement
results in an incomplete application which may lead to your being
found unqualified.
Read each of the requirements listed on the vacancy
announcement. Consider carefully achievements which
demonstrate the KSA specified for that requirement.
Achievements may be either a specific instance or sustained
high performance over a period of time. These achievements
may have occurred in all kinds of settings, e.g., paid work in the
Postal Service or any other organization, volunteer work, or
education or training activities. For each requirement try to give
several examples of achievements that demonstrate that you
possess the KSA. Achievements may be best described by
telling of a situation or task which needed to be done; stating
what action you took; and finally, describing the result of that
action. Be sure it is clear to the reader that:
1. What you are describing actually demonstrates the KSA.
2. The situation, action, and result are fully described.
3. You yourself were in some way responsible for the result.
4. If you displayed initiative or innovation, it is explained.
If your achievement was the acquisition of education or training,
then your achievement description should indicate the following:
1. What you learned and how that learning relates to the KSA
specified in the requirement.
2. Details or nature of the course - topics covered, level of
3. Evidence of the quality of your performance in the course, if
available. Simply mentioning that you took a course may not
indicate you gained much knowledge from it.
4. Any application of what you learned.
The content of the description you write is much more important
than writing style. You must communicate to the reader how you
have demonstrated the KSA. Be specific about what you
personally did. Merely saying that you possess a KSA is not
Write your achievement descriptions as though none of the
review committee members or the selecting official knows
anything about you (it’s very likely the truth). After each
achievement description, indicate the reference person(s) who
could verify your achievements. Your supervisor may also be
contacted to verify any work-related statements you write. Also
indicate for each achievement the reference number of your
education or training, or work experience connected to your
When the ability to manage or supervise is listed as a
requirement, applicants should present achievements
(examples) that demonstrate their current ability to undertake the
full range of responsibility for the position being sought. If the
position involves the supervision of lower-level supervisors and
managers, applicants are generally expected to indicate
sustained high performance in a supervisory or managerial
position previously held.
Following are the three components of managerial ability that
should guide the applicant’s demonstration of achievement. Not
all considerations listed here need be addressed. The objective
is for the applicant to demonstrate managerial ability as it applies
to the position being sought.
1. Structuring/Organizing. Identifying problems and their
causes and securing relevant information; developing solutions
to problems and making logical decisions that make effective use
of resources and accomplish organizational goals; making
innovations, investing effort, and keeping high standards to
ensure a product of high quality; and following up on activities to
see that they were on target, on time, and within budget.
2. Establishing Effective Work Relationships. Encouraging
employees to participate in decisions that affect their work and
the quality of their life at work; supporting management’s mission
and representing the unit at the next higher management level;
engaging in teamwork with other managers; maintaining effective
relationships with clients and customers; acting on EEO,
Affirmative Action, EI/QWL, Management by Participation
policies and programs; maintaining cooperative labor-
management relations; providing honest and constructive
feedback and positive recognition; training and developing
subordinates; and handling interpersonal conflicts.
3. Communicating. Communicating information and
instructions in writing and orally to achieve desired results;
presenting technical information at a level appropriate to the
audience; and facilitating information flow within the
organizational unit.
If you are applying for a managerial or supervisory position, read the following:
Detached from PS Form 991, October 1993
1. This application form is to be used when applying for any EAS position, including Postmaster and Initial-
Level Supervisor.
2. Copy page 3, Statement of Qualifications, and use a separate page 3 for each requirement/factor.
3. The factors for use in applying for Postmaster positions and the KSAs used in applying for Initial-Level
Supervisor positions can be found on page 5.
4. Do not attach transcripts or recommendations to this application.
5. Page 4 is to be used for supervisory evaluations in conjunction with Initial-Level Supervisor positions only.
6. After completing Form 991, fill in the "Requirements Page __ of __" item at the bottom right corner of each
copy of page 3.
Notes to Applicant
Detached from PS Form 991, October 1993
relating solely to character and residence are permitted, but every other kind of statement or recommendation is prohibited unless it
either is requested by the Postal Service and consists solely of an evaluation of the work performance, ability, aptitude, and general
qualifications of an individual or is requested by a Government representative investigating the individual’s loyalty, suitability, and
character. Anyone who requests or solicits a prohibited statement or recommendation is subject to disqualification from the Postal
Service and anyone in the Postal Service who accepts such a statement may be suspended or removed from office.
The collection of this information is authorized by Public Law 92-261, 39 USC 401 and 1001. This information may be used to provide
Postal Service (USPS) selecting officials and appointing official with decision-making information to consider USPS employees for
assignment and promotion; to make and track USPS employee job assignments; and to assist in career planning and training in
general. As a routine use, the information may be disclosed to an appropriate government agency, domestic or foreign, for law
enforcement purposes; where pertinent, in a legal proceeding to which the USPS is a party or has an interest; to a government agency
in order to obtain information relevant to a USPS decision concerning employment, security clearances, contracts, licenses, grants,
permits or other benefits; to a government agency upon its request when relevant to its decision concerning employment, security
clearances, security or suitability investigations, contracts, licenses, grants or other benefits; to a congressional office at your request;
to an expert, consultant, or other person under contract with the USPS to fulfill an agency function; to the Federal Records Center for
storage; to the Office of Management and Budget for review of private relief legislation; to an independent certified public accountant
during an official audit of USPS finances; to an investigator, adminstrative judge or complaints examiner appointed by the Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission for investigation of a formal EEO complaint under 29 CFR 1614; to the Merit Systems Protection
Board or Office of Special Counsel for proceedings or investigations involving personnel practices and other matters within their
jurisdiction; and to a labor organization as required by the National Labor Relations Act (this routine use does not apply to Postmaster
Selection Program Records). Completion of this form is voluntary; however, if this information is not provided, you may not be given
full consideration for a position.
COMPUTER MATCHING: Limited information may be disclosed to a Federal, state, or local government administering benefits or
other programs pursuant to statute for the purpose of conducting computer matching programs under the Act. These programs
include, but are not limited to, matches performed to verify an individual’s initial or continuing eligibility for, indebtedness to, or
compliance with requirements of a benefit program.
Applicant Information
Name (Last, First, MI)
Information About Vacant Position
Title of Present Position
Name and Location of Employing OfficeMailing Address
Home Phone (Area Code) Work Phone (Area Code/PEN)
Social Security Number Grade Years of Service
Vacancy Announcement Number
Closing Date Position Applied For Grade
Name of Vacancy Office Location of Vacancy Office
Date (Mo./Yr.)
From To
Name of Educational Institution
(Address Not Required)
Major Fields of Study
No. of Credits (Hours)
Semester Quarter
Type of
High School
Name of Postal or Other Training Facility Course Name
Postal Positions
List permanent positions first, then temporary/detail assignments of 30 or more consecutive days.
List in reverse chronological order. Use additional space on page 2.
Date (Mo./Yr.)
From To
Position Title
Name & Location of Organization Grade
PS Form
991, October 1993 (Page 1 of 5)
From To
Nonpostal Positions
List permanent positions first, then temporary/detail assignments of 30 or more consecutive days.
List in reverse chronological order. Use additional space below.
Name & Location of Organization
Grade or
Position Title
Date (Mo./Yr.)
Additional space for use in completing preceding information and listing any special assignments, projects, civic and professional organizations,
awards, honors, special skills, etc.
Application must be received at vacancy office by closing date.
Signature of Employee Date
PS Form
991, October 1993 (Page 2 of 5)
I hereby certify that the foregoing information is true, complete, and accurate, to the best of my knowledge and belief.
If you are applying for a specific position, complete pages 1-4 of this form and submit the completed form to your supervisor, who will
complete the evaluation for each requirement. If you want a copy of the evaluation, check the box at left. If you are completing this form for
another reason, disregard pages 3 and 4, unless otherwise instructed.
Statement of Qualifications
Position Applied ForAnnouncement Number
Applicant position requirements are enumerated on the vacancy announcement. Enter the requirement in the space provided and
explain your qualifications in reference to the requirement. A situation/task-action-result format for describing qualifications is
PS Form 991, October 1993 (Page 3 of 5)
Requirements Page ___ of ___
Reference Number Reference Name & Phone Number (For use of review committee & selector)
Supervisory Evaluation for
Initial-Level Supervisor Position
Initial-Level Supervisor PositionAnnouncement Number
PS Form 991, October 1993 (Page 4 of 5)
Signature of Supervisor
Printed Name & Position
Date Office Address Phone No.
Ability Rating (Check one)
Superior Above Average Basic
PS Form 991, October 1993 (Page 5 of 5)
Requirements for Intitial-Level Supervisor Positions
1. Oral Communications. Ability to communicate information, instructions, or ideas orally in a clear and concise
manner in individual and group situations.
2. Leadership. Ability to direct or coordinate individual or group action in order to accomplish a task or goal.
3. Human Relations. Ability to interact tactfully and relate well with others.
4. Problem Analysis. Ability to analyze problems, work performance, suggestions, and complaints by listening,
observing, gathering, organizing, and interpreting information.
5. Decision Making. Ability to develop plans, evaluate their anticipated effectiveness, make decisions, and take
appropriate action.
6. Written Communication. Ability to write letters, simple reports, and employee evaluations clearly and effectively and
to complete standardized reporting forms accurately.
7. Mathematical Computations. Ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with whole
numbers, fractions, and decimals.
8. Safety. Knowledge of safety procedures needed to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained, including
knowledge of the procedures and techniques established to avoid injuries, and of normal accident prevention
measures and emergency procedures.
9. Job Knowledge. Knowledge of the operating procedures and the goal of the function to be supervised.
Factors for Postmaster Positions
1. Decision Making/Problem Solving. Ability to carry out operational plans and procedures within the framework of
policy. Ability to obtain and interpret relevant facts; analyze problems, complaints, and suggestions; devise effective
plans and procedures; and take appropriate action. Ability to analyze problems and to devise improvements.
2. Budget Operations. Ability to prepare a budget and maintain financial records. Ability to carry out operations
economically and efficiently. Ability to maintain operating cost and expenditures in proper relationship to the
authorized budget.
3. Planning and Scheduling of Work. Ability to plan operations over appropriate time periods, taking into account
variations in workload and available resources. Ability to adjust work activities and schedules to meet emergency
4. Safety and Health. Knowledge of safety procedures needed to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained.
Knowledge of procedures and techniques established to avoid injuries to self, employees, and customers.
Knowledge of normal accident prevention measures and emergency procedures. Knowledge of a postmaster’s safety
and health responsibilities. Knowledge of the relationships of safety and health considerations to efficient operations,
including absenteeism and operating costs.
5. Customer and Community Relations. Ability to conduct operations in an attitude of responsive service to
customers. Ability to present a favorable Postal Service image to the community. Ability to be active in community
life. Ability to comprehend and communicate information, both orally and in writing. Knowledge of operating
procedures and standards, postal rates and classes, and commonly encountered customer needs. Ability to sell
ideas, positions, and recommendations to others. Ability to interact tactfully and relate well with others.
When applying for Postmaster Positions, use the factors listed below.
(Copy the bolded heading to page 3.)
6. Labor Relations. Knowledge of labor relations policies, including management’s rights, the rights of employees and
their representatives, national and local labor agreements, and applicable laws and regulations. Ability to negotiate
effectively with employee groups.
7. Equal Employment Opportunity. Knowledge of policy pertaining to equal employment opportunity and affirmative
action. Ability to deal sensitively with minority groups. Ability to deal fairly with all employees, customers, and
business contacts.
8. Employee Development. Ability to train and develop employees. Ability to delegate work to subordinates according
to their current ability and capacity for growth.
9. Supervision. Ability to define assignments or projects clearly. Ability to delegate authority, and to work with and
through others effectively. Ability to direct or coordinate individual or group action in order to accomplish a task or
goal. Ability to motivate and lead employees of varied backgrounds and skill levels. Ability to deal fairly and
objectively with subordinates.
NOTE: Factors 6-9 need to be addressed only when the postmaster position under consideration has
subordinate career employees.
When applying for Initial-Level Supervisor Positions, use the
requirements listed below. (Copy the bolded heading to page 3.)