Instructions for Placement Re-Evaluation Petition (PREP)
American River College (ARC) has changed its method for placing students in the English Writing and mathematics course
sequences to use more high school record information. Because you started at ARC before we had a process for collecting
and using high school record information in your placement in English Writing and/or mathematics, you have the option
of having your placement re-evaluated. To be eligible you must have graduated (or will graduate this year) from a U.S.
high school within the last ten (10) years, provide a copy of your unofficial high school transcript, and complete and submit
the short Placement Re-Evaluation Petition (PREP) form. This form is available at Admissions Office or online via our
website at:
Form MUST be completed in BLACK INK.
Eligibility Requirements:
Students must have an active record at American River College (ARC) in order to submit their PREP form.
Students must have graduated within the last ten (10) years or will graduate this year from a U.S. high school.
Students must supply a copy of their high school transcript. If your high school graduation date has passed, your
transcript must show your graduation date and grades for your final courses.
Foreign transcripts cannot be accurately evaluated and so will not be eligible for placement re-evaluation.
A. Student:
1. Fill out the bottom of this page and the attached Placement Re-Evaluation Petition (PREP) form.
2. Attach unofficial high school transcript to the PREP form.
3. Use your Los Rios Gmail account at to email the completed forms with your unofficial high
school transcript to Email subject line should include ARC ID Number. (Forms
may also be submitted in person to Admissions Office when the college re-opens. Use BLACK INK.)
4. Look for notification of processing in three (3) to four (4) working days in your Los Rios Gmail account at
B. Admissions Office:
1. Determine whether student’s record is eligible for re-evaluation.
2. Students will be notified via their Los Rios Gmail account at within three (3) to four (4) working
days regarding the results of the petition.
Staff Initials: ________
Student not eligible. (Graduated more than 10 years ago.)
Incomplete Documentation. (Student should resubmit a new form and
a high school Transcript with graduation date posted.)
Student not active. (Student should submit a new College Application,
fill out high school information accurately, and check eServices
account the next day.)
PREP Form: (see next page)
All submissions will be processed for English Writing and Math.
This form allows students who are enrolled, or plan to enroll at American River College to have their initial English Writing or
mathematics placements re-evaluated using the same high school information as new students who graduated from high school within
the last ten (10) years. Both students currently in progress within the Los Rios Community College District and new students who did
not receive placements based on high school information are eligible for this consideration, as long as they graduated from a U.S. high
school within the last ten (10) years or will graduate this year. An unofficial high school transcript is required. Unfortunately, foreign
transcripts cannot be accurately evaluated and so are not eligible for this process. Students will be notified via their Los Rios Gmail
account at
Semester or Term you plan to enroll: Summer Fall Spring Year:
I graduated from high school in the United States within the last ten (10) years or will graduate this year.
Provide a high school transcript to verify the information provided below.
Please complete applicable fields below. Please also complete the back of this form.
I declare under penalty of perjury that the statement and information submitted on this form are true and correct. I understand that
all material and information submitted by me for the purpose of verifying course plaement, which the college has deemed to be valid
and necessary for success in a course, become the property of American River College and are subject to audit. I also understand
that falsification and withholding pertinent data will result in immediate withdrawal from a course and further disciplinary
Student Signature: Date:
Please follow the directions for submission on the first page under Process > A. Student: > #3.
For Department Use Only
Request for re-evaluation:
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