Form LIT 8446: Application for annual base mooring at River Thames lock sites
LIT 8466/TH/TSO/1019/E/V3 page 1 of 3
Application for annual base mooring at
River Thames lock sites
Please refer to the River Thames Mooring Charges
document before you fill in this form. If you send in
a form with information missing or incomplete, we
will not be able to process it.
Please note that this form is not for shortstay mooring. Also
note that residential mooring is not allowed at any lock sites
on the River Thames.
The latest version of the mooring charges document and
other useful information can be found on GOV.UK: search for
'mooring on the River Thames'.
It will take about 5 to 10 minutes to fill in this form.
About you
2 About your boat
3 Your lock mooring site choice
4 Mooring length type
5 Privacy notice: how we use your personal information
6 What happens next
7 Declaration and signature
1 About you
Are you the registered owner of the boat?
No You cannot apply for a mooring
Please give the following details
Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, other)
First name
Last name
Contact numbers, including the area code
2 About your boat
Registered name
Registration number (combination of numbers and letters on
registration plate. This is the same each year.)
Plate number (9 digit number on registration plate. This is
different each year.)
Type (for example, cabin cruiser, narrowboat, open day boat,
canoe etc.)
2 About your boat, continued
Engine rating if powered
cubic capacity
Total length (including davits and pulpits)
Beam (width at widest point)
Maximum draught (approximate depth of boat below water)
Air draught (approximate height of boat above water)
Location of your boat
We need to know where your boat is kept as we may want to
inspect it before we add your boat to the waiting list or agree a
Site owner details
Site owner’s name
Site name (if it has one)
Form LIT 8446: Application for annual base mooring at River Thames lock sites
LIT 8466/TH/TSO/1019/E/V3 page 2 of 3
3 Your lock mooring site choice
Please name your choice of mooring site below. You can also
name a second site if you wish or state Any”. There is a full list
of lock mooring sites on the River Thames Lock Mooring Charges
document available on GOV.UK. If you are not sure whether a
site is suitable for your boat, please ask us for advice. If you
are not sure whether a site is suitable for your boat, please
contact the Waterways team at the email address shown in
Section 6.
Choice 1: Name of lock site
Choice 2: Name of lock site
4 Mooring length type
12 month mooring
6 month summer mooring 1 April to 30 September
(only available at some locks as indicated on the River
Thames Mooring Charges document)
5 Privacy notice: how we use your personal
We are the Environment Agency and we run the lock base
mooring service. We are the data controller for this service. A
data controller determines how and why personal data is
Our personal information charter (
charter) explains how we deal with your personal information. Go
to GOV.UK and search Environment Agency personal information
The data we need
The personal data we collect about you includes:
contact details (including email address and telephone
boat details (including name, size and type)
mooring details (including location)
We are allowed to process your data in order to prepare for
entering into a contract with you at your request. This contract
gives you permission to moor on land owned by the Environment
Agency, subject to certain restrictions. The lawful basis for
processing your personal data is that it is necessary for taking
steps at your request prior to entering a contract and for
performance of a contract.
If you do not provide all information requested then we will not
be able to process your mooring application.
What we do with your personal data
We use your personal data to:
process your application
make sure you keep to the conditions of the mooring
take enforcement action if you do not keep to the conditions
of the mooring agreement
contact you about the service
5 Privacy notice, continued
We do not use your personal data to make an automated
decision or for automated profiling.
We will share your personal data with Shared Services Connect
Limited (SSCL) who process your data on our behalf. SSCL use
the personal data to send invoices, payment reminders and
refunds where applicable. SSCL is a data processor. Data
processors working on our behalf will only use your personal data
in line with this privacy notice.
We will not share or disclose any other personal data to any other
party outside the Environment Agency without your explicit
consent, unless we are lawfully able to do so.
How long we keep your personal data
We will keep your personal data for 6 years after the end of your
mooring agreement. Your personal data may be held longer if it is
required for a legal case. SSCL will keep your personal data for a
minimum of 7 years after producing your last invoice or credit
note for audit purposes.
Where your personal data is processed and stored
We store and process your personal data on our servers in the
UK. SSCL also store and process your personal data on their
servers in the UK, and store hard copies of your personal data
with a third party document storage supplier in the UK.
We will not transfer your personal data outside the European
Economic Area.
Contact details
Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for independent
advice and monitoring of the Environment Agency’s use of
personal information.
If you have any concerns or queries about how we process
personal data, or if you would like to make a complaint or
request relating to data protection, please contact our DPO using
the following details:
Address: Data Protection Officer
Environment Agency
Horizon House
Deanery Road
Email: dataprotection@environment‐
You can find out about your personal data rights from the
Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) at The
ICO regulate the data protection legislation. You have the right to
lodge a complaint with them at any time.
6 What happens next
Acknowledging your application
When we receive your application form we will send you an
If we do not have a mooring available, we will add your details to
our waiting list. Please note that our moorings are very popular
and vacancies rarely become available.
There are various private marinas along the River Thames you
may wish to moor your boat at while you are waiting for a lock
Form LIT 8446: Application for annual base mooring at River Thames lock sites
LIT 8466/TH/TSO/1019/E/V3 page 3 of 3
6 What happens next continued
Renewing your application
Please contact us each year to let us know if you are still
interested in a mooring and we will renew your application.
Please do this by 12 months after the date of your application as
we are constantly reviewing our waiting list and will remove any
application which has not been renewed a year after applying or
renewing. There is no need to submit a new application form
unless your details have changed.
If there are any changes to the information you gave on your
application, please contact us.
Please email your completed application to:
with Thames Lock Mooring Application in the subject field.
Or post to:
Address: Thames Lock Mooring Applications
Lock Island
TW17 9LW
If you need to speak to someone about this please call our
National Customer Contact Centre on 03708 506 506 and ask to
be put through to the Thames Waterways team.
7 Declaration and signature
I apply for a mooring at the sites shown in Section 3.
I understand that my mooring application will be removed from
the waiting list 12 months following the date of this application.
Applicant’s signature
Todays date (DD/MM/YYYY)
For Environment Agency use only
Date received (DD/MM/YYYY)
Date acknowledged (DD/MM/YYYY)
Date mooring offered/agreed (DD/MM/YYYY)
Date sent to Waterways Business team (DD/MM/YYYY)
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