JV-182, Page 1 of 1
Judicial Council of California, www.courtinfo.ca.gov
New January 1, 2007, Mandatory Form
Welfare & Institutions Code, § 388
Cal. Rules of Court, rule 5.570
Clerk stamps date here when form is filed.
Fill in court name and street address:
Superior Court of California, County of
Case Number:
Fill in case number if known:
Confidential Information
(Request to Change Court Order)
Confidential Information
(Request to Change Court Order)
Your name:
Your telephone number:
Your address:
Child’s name:
Fill in child's name and date of birth.
This information must be kept under seal in the court file. Only the court, the
agency, and the child’s attorney may look at this information.
Child’s name:
Child’s telephone number:
Child’s address:
Caregiver’s name:
Caregiver’s telephone number:
Caregiver’s address:
If known:
Date of birth:
This form may be used with form JV-180 to keep addresses confidential.
To keep other people from 
seeing what you entered on 
your form, please press the 
Clear This Form button at the 
end of the form when finished.
For your protection and privacy, please press the Clear This Form
button after you have printed the form.
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