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Form I-20 Transfer Application
Visa Clearance Form for International Transfer Students
Please sign the release of information on this form and give it to your designated school official at the school you now attend or
most recently attended.
I grant permission for the information below to be released to Hood College.
Applicant’s Signature
To DHS Designated School Official (Items 1-3 below and DSO signature must be completed.)
The above-named student has been admitted to Hood College. In compliance with DHS regulations, we request confirmation of
her/his status at your institution. Please complete the following and return via fax 301-696-3597 or email gofurther@hood.edu.
Our name in SEVIS is: "Hood College" and the school code is: BAL 214F00012000
Current Immigration Status: (Select one)
I-20 or IAP-66: Completion Date on Document
I-94 Expiration Date
The student is in good standing and has been pursuing a full course of study (or has been reinstated by DHS).
The student is out of status and a reinstatement to the student status was led on at
DHS (District ) and is pending. (Enclose copies of documents filed with DHS).
The student is out of status, and we will advise her/him to apply for reinstatement upon receipt of a new I-20 from Hood College.
Release date of the student's SEVIS record:
3. Please indicate the dates of any practical training (curricular, optional, academic) in which the student participated.
Curricular Optional J-1 Academic
Name and Title of Designated School Official Completing this Form.
Print Name:
Institution: Phone: Email:
Name of Student (Please print):
Semester of Entry:
Spring Summer Fall Year:
Exchange-Visitor Program
Visa Type:
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