Form GST1Page
Revised September 2018
Final Oral Examination Report
Note: To be submitted to the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies.
Last Name:
First Name:
ID #: Department:
Thesis Title:
Program Start Date:
Date of Thesis Defense:
Proposed Final Thesis Submission Date:
Satisfactory / Requires minor revisions
Unsatisfactory/Requires major revisions and further committee review*
Nominate for Governor General’s Gold Medal
Committee Comments
(*if the thesis requires major revisions, indicate specific research data and/or thesis
revisions that are required,
and Committee plans to further monitor progress; Note that
there is a time limit of one year for re-submission of the thesis and/or re-defense; attach
additional pages if necessary):
Form GST1Page
Revised September 2018
Examination Committee Signatures:
Chair of the Thesis Defense
External Examiner
Supervisor Co-Supervisor/Committee Member
Committee Member MSc Candidate
Committee Comments