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Degree/Major (ex. M.Ed. Elementary):
_____ Check here if you completed the Class A IL Reduced Hour Option.
AL Certification Cover Sheet Revised: 03.2021
Application for Alabama Certification Instructions
In order to obtain certification in Alabama, you will need to complete an application following the instructions below. In
order to eliminate confusion, please print this page as a cover sheet and return it along with your application, Form CIT,
Form EXP (if needed) and payment to the address below.
All degree and certification requirements MUST be met prior to the application being sent to the Alabama State
Department of Education. If you were admitted to UWA based on a certificate from another state and do not currently
hold a valid Alabama teaching certificate, you should not submit this application.
_____ 1. Application for Alabama Certification This can be accessed by copying the link below into your web browser
and clicking on Form NAL. Educator
Preparation: Forms
a. Click on (B) Application (Form NAL)
b. Click on “Apply
c. Complete section 1 and choose “next”. Complete all sections. When you come to the screen that says “You
have completed entering your personal information.” Choose “Print Preview” to review your application
and print the document.
d. Do not forget to sign and date your application.
e. Note: Upon receipt, UWA, as a courtesy, will provide the official transcript to be sent to the ALSDE for
certification purposes.
_____2. $30.00 non-refundable application fee in the form of a money order (Postal Money Orders are preferred since
they do not expire) or cashier’s check made payable to the Alabama State Department of Education (SDE will not accept
cash or personal checks). (Dual certification requires $60.00.) Payment with Visa or MasterCard can be processed
at Please attach a copy of your receipt if payment has been completed
in this manner.
_____3. If you have not previously submitted Form CIT to the ALSDE, you must send this form (CLICK HERE) and
acceptable proof of citizenship (see form for list) to UWA along with your application packet. This form was implemented
by the ALSDE during Summer 2019. If you have not renewed your certificate since that time, you will need to submit this
If you would like to be notified upon receipt of your application, please type your e-mail in the box below:
QUESTIONS? Call (205) 652-3423 or e-mail:
*NOTE: For M.Ed. School Counseling, M.Ed. Library Media, and M.Ed. Instructional Leadership Applicants ONLY:
In addition to the instructions above, You must also submit a Supplement EXP form.
Use the link below to access Form Supplement EXP: Verification of Teaching Experience.
You complete Sections I and II, your school system completes Sections III and V.
Please submit this form to our office along with your Application for Certification paperwork.
Check here if you submitted an EXP form for admission.
Please return this cover sheet with complete application and payment (or receipt) to:
The University of West Alabama
College of Education Certification Office
1 College Drive, Station #8
Livingston, Alabama 35470