State Of Alabama
Unified Judicial System
Form CR-65C
Rev. 4/2015
(Section 15-27-1 et.seq., Code of Alabama 1975)
Case No.
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF _____________________, ALABAMA
(Name of County)
[ ] MUNICIPALITY OF ____________________________
(Court of Jurisdiction of case to be Expunged)
(Current Address)
XXX XX - _________________________
(Social Security Number, Last 4 Digits only) (Date of Birth)
On , the Petitioner filed a Petition for Expungement of Records. The
Court previously sent notice to the Petitioner that additional information was necessary in order to
grant or properly execute the expungement. On the Court
entered an Order granting the Petitioner sixty (60) days to provide certain necessary, additional
information to the Court.
[ ] Sixty days have passed and the attached documentation has been provided to the Court.
Therefore, it is ORDERED that the court’s Order dated is
hereby AMENDED and that the attached documents are hereby incorporated into the original order.
All other terms and provisions of the previous order of expungement remain in full force and effect.
[ ] The Court having previously put the Petitioner on notice that additional information was
necessary to execute the previous order and the Petitioner having failed to provide such information
and having failed to request an extension of time, it is ORDERED that the Court’s previous order is
SET ASIDE and the request for expungement is DENIED. The Clerk of this Court shall
immediately submit a SHARK Ticket with the Courts Amended Order to the AOC and notify ALEA
of the Court’s finding. ALEA is ORDERED to return any records previously collected to the
appropriate agency or court.
Date the Petition is [ ] GRANTED or [ ] DENIED .