State of Alabama
Unified Judicial System
Form C-80
Case Number
IN THE________________________________________COURT OF____________________________________, ALABAMA
(Circuit, District or Municipal) (Name of County or Municipality)
MUNICIPALITY OF _________________________________________ v. ______________________________________
The above-named defendant, charged with the criminal offenses) of ________________________________________,
was duly brought before the Court for initial appearance on _________________________, at ____________o’clock ____.m.,
whereupon the Court did the following, as checked in the appropriate blocks:
1. Name and address of defendant.
_____ (a) Ascertained the true name and address of the defendant to be:
_____ (b) Amended the formal charges to reflect defendant’s true name.
_____ (c) Instructed the defendant to notify the Court promptly of any change of address.
2. Informed the defendant of the charges against him/her and ensured that the defendant was served with a copy of
the charges.
3.Informed the defendant of the right to be represented by counsel, that he/she would be afforded time and
opportunity to retain an attorney, and further advised the defendant that, if he/she were indigent and unable to
obtain counsel, an attorney would be appointed by the Court to represent him/her.
Defendant requested did not request court-appointed c
ounsel. If requested counsel,
defendant was was not given a copy of the Affidavit of Substantial Hardship to complete in order for
indigency to be determined.
4. Informed the defendant that he/she had the right to remain silent and that anything that he/she said could be use
against him/her.
5. Bail
____ (a) Determined that the defendant shall not be released from custody since charged w
ith a non-bailable
capital offense.
____ (b) Determined that the defendant shall be released from custody pending further proceedings, subject to
the mandatory
conditions prescribed in Rule 7.3(a), Ala.R.Crim.P., and subject to the following additional
______ 1.) Execution of an appearance bond (recognizance) in the amount of $___________________.
______ 2.) Execution of a secured appearance bond in the amount of $ ___________________.
______ 3.) Other conditions (specify) ____________________________________________________.
6. If charged with a felony offense, informed the defendant of right to demand a preliminary hearing under Rule 5.1,
Ala.R.Crim.P., and of the procedure by which that right may be exercised.
7. If charged with a felony offense a preliminary hearing was demanded within 30 days of date of arrest by the above
named defendant, set a preliminary hearing to be held in the District Court of _____________________, _______,
an________________________________________________________(date) at_____________o’clock_____.m.
____ (a) Notified the District Court that such demand was made.
____ (b) Defendant made no demand for a preliminary hearing at the initial appearance hearings.
8. Other: _____________________________________________________________________________________