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Power of Attorney
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Note: If you appoint an organization, rm or partnership, you must also name an individual within the organization to act on your behalf.
Hereby appoints:
As attorney(s)-in-fact to represent taxpayer before the Oklahoma Tax Commission and/or acquire any tax form(s) and/or documents
that taxpayer would be entitled to receive.
Type of Tax
(Income, Sales, Etc.)
State Tax Number or
Description of Tax Document
Year(s) or Period(s)
(Date of death if Estate Tax)
The attorney(s)-in-fact (or either of them) are authorized, until written revocation is received, to represent the taxpayer before the
Oklahoma Tax Commission and receive condential information and to acquire any and all tax form(s) and/or documents that the
principal(s) can receive with respect to the above specied matter(s) unless exceptions are noted below:
Retention/revocation of prior power(s) of attorney. The ling of this power of attorney automatically revokes all earlier power(s) of
attorney on le with the Oklahoma Tax Commission for the same matters and years or periods covered by this document.
If you do not want to revoke a prior power of attorney, check here
Attach a copy of any power of attorney you want to remain in effect.
Form BT-129
Revised 6-2018
Taxpayer name and address
Representative(s) name and address
Representative(s) name and address
Social Security/Federal Employer Identication Number(s)
Daytime telephone number
Daytime telephone number
Daytime telephone number
Permit number(s)
Fax number
Fax number
Declaration of Representative
Under penalties of perjury, by my signature below, I declare that:
I am authorized to represent the taxpayer identied above for the matter(s) specied there; and
I am one of the following:
Attorney – a member in good standing of the bar of the highest court of the jurisdiction shown below
Certied Public Accountant – duly qualied to practice as a certied public accountant in the jurisdiction shown below
Enrolled Agent – enrolled as an agent by the Internal Revenue Service per the requirements of IRS Circular 230
Ofcer – a bona de ofcer of the taxpayer organization
Full-Time Employee – a full-time employee of the taxpayer
Family Member – a member of the taxpayer’s immediate family
Tax Return Preparer
Other _________________________________________________________________________________________
Taxpayer(s) signature and date. If signed by a corporate ofcer, partner or duciary on behalf of the taxpayer, I certify that I
have the authority to execute this power of attorney on behalf of the taxpayer
Signature Title (if applicable)
Type or print your name below if signing for a taxpayer who is not an individual.
Name Title (if applicable)
Title (if applicable)
DateSignature of Representative