Form AB-38
Rev 10 13
Ownership Change Request for a Pre-1977 Mobile Home
This request will transfer the ownership of a pre-1977 mobile home. Please return the completed form to your local
Department of Revenue of ce. After the name change has been processed, the new owner will receive a property
assessment notice and eventually the property tax bill. If you have questions, you can nd contact information for your
local Department of Revenue of ce by visiting or by calling toll free (866) 859-2254 (in Helena, 444-6900).
To properly process this document all applicable elds must be lled in and your signature is required on page 2.
Please attach any additional documentation such as a copy of the signed off title, bill of sale or contract for
purchase. Mobile home taxes must be paid before an ownership change request will be processed.
Part I. Mobile Home Description
Assessment Code ______________________________ Geocode _____________________________________
(codes can be found on your property assessment notice or tax bill)
Year _________________________________________ Make ________________________________________
Model ________________________________________ Size ________________________________________
Serial Number _________________________________ Title Number __________________________________
Physical Address of Mobile Home __________________________________________________________________
Mobile Home Park Name (if applicable) _____________________________________________________________
Name of Land Owner ___________________________________________________________________________
Are any outbuildings included? (i.e., sheds, garages, etc.) Yes No If yes, please describe.
Date Acquired _________________________________
Are the mobile home taxes paid? Yes No (Please note: If the taxes are not paid, your
ownership transfer cannot be completed.)
Did the mobile home move? Yes No
Will the mobile home move in the near future? Yes No
Part II. Mobile Home Ownership
New Owner Name(s) Previous Owner Name(s)
_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
New Owner Mailing Address Previous Owner Mailing Address
_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Home/Contact Phone ___________________________ Home/Contact Phone ___________________________
Clear Form
Part III. Mobile Home Sale Information
Please provide the following sale information requested for an ownership change to be processed. The Department of
Revenue uses sale information in determining accurate market values, for the valuation of property. This information is
considered con dential and the department will not share the information.
Mobile Home Sale Price ___________________________
Was the mobile home advertised as being for sale?
Yes No
Was the sale between relatives or business partners? Yes No
Was a trade involved in this sale? Yes No
Was the seller forced to sell the mobile home? Yes No
Was the buyer forced to buy the mobile home? Yes No
Part IV. Af rmation and Signature
I declare under penalty of perjury, that this request (including any accompanying documentation) is to the best of my
knowledge, true and correct.
Signature _______________________________________________ Date ______________________________
Print Name _________________________________________________
Name of Person Filing this Form (if different from Page 1) ______________________________________
Part V. Notary Seal
A notarized signature is required unless a notarized bill of sale or a signed off title is attached to this form.
County of __________________________________________________
This instrument was acknowledged before me on _______________________________
By _______________________________________________________
Print name of signer(s)
Notary Signature
(Montana notaries must complete the following, if not part of stamp.)
Print Name _________________________________________
NOTARY PUBLIC for State of ___________________________
Residing At _________________________________________
My Commission Expires _______________________________
Part VI. For Department of Revenue Of ce Use Only
Was the transfer completed? Yes No
If the transfer was not completed, please explain why __________________________________________________
Reviewed By ____________________________________________ Date ______________________________
Title ___________________________________________________