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Admissions and Records
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I hereby petition as follows:
to carry a unit overload. I wish to enroll in during the □ Fall □ Spring Summer term.
to repeat previously taken during the □ Fall □ Spring Summer term
at Yuba Community College or with a grade of .
(name of other college)
for readmission to Yuba Community College after academic dismissal.
for academic renewal of the following class(es):
other (specify):
My reason for making this request is as follows: (I have attached supporting documentation)
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Petition Instructions
Each petition must be completely filled out with all information regarding the student, what the petition is
for, clearly printed description of what the student is requesting for determination by the Dean of Student
Services. If there is additional documentation that needs to be attached to the petition, it should
accompany the petition at the time that it is turned in to Admissions and Records as it may be denied
based on missing information.
Petition decisions can take between 7-10 working days for review. Once reviewed a letter will be written
and then mailed to the student. Please wait for a determination to arrive before contacting the office to
find out about the petition decision.
The Student Petition may be completed for the following reasons:
To carry a unit overload. (19 units is the maximum load which may be approved. Units in excess of 19
are allowed for only the most urgent reasons and on the basis of counselor approval.)
Repetition of course taken at Yuba Community College or at another college/university. Students may
repeat a course once for which they have earned a substandard grade. The student may submit a
petition to the Student Success Committee at Yuba Community College for an additional repeat. A
student who has completed a course with a substandard grade at another accredited
college/university may repeat the equivalent course in the Yuba Community College District. Upon
completion of the repeated course, the best grade earned will be computed in the cumulative grade
point average. The lower grade will remain on the academic record, but will be coded with a symbol
indicating the course has been repeated and will be disregarded in the computation of the grade point
average. The stu
dent’s academic record will be notated so that all work remains legible,
insuring a true and complete academic history. A course in which a “C” or better has been
earned may be repeated with extenuating circumstances which justify a repetition. Students
must petition for approval. Reasons for this type of approval include significant lapse of time
(3 or more years), change in technology, recertification/ training, or other justifiable reason.
In special circumstances, students may submit a petition for an additional repeat. No state
funding (FTES) may be claimed for this additional repeat. Students should explain the reason
in full detail as to why they are asking for the additional repeat.
Readmission to Yuba Community College after academic dismissal may be petitioned after consultation
with a counselor.
Academic Renewal is permitted to alleviate substandard academic performance (“D” and “F” grades)
and a petition may be submitted under the following conditions: the maximum amount of course work
to be alleviated is 30 semester units; since the end of the semester to be alleviated, the student must
have completed 12 semester units with a 3.0 grade point average (GPA), 18 semester units with a 2.5
GPA, or 24 semester units with a 2.0 GPA. A “P” grade will count as a “C” for computing the grade
point average for academic renewal purposes; a minimum of two semesters must have elapsed since
the course work to be alleviated was recorded; the student must have completed 12 semester units in
residence at Yuba Community College District; under no circumstance may course work be discounted
that has been used to fulfill requirements for a degree or certificate; if a student is eligible for
graduation, Academic Renewal may not be used to raise the grade point average in order to qualify
for graduation with honors; no units that have been excluded by Academic Renewal can be reinstated;
course work granted Academic Renewal may be counted, if appropriate, toward fulfillment of
prerequisites; the student’s academic record will be annotated in such a way that all work remains
legible, ensure a true and complete academic history.
Other circumstances may arise that a student may need to complete a petition. Please be sure to
specify those circumstances in the area provided. Also provide documentation associated with this
circumstance so that a determination may be made as to either approval/denial of the petition.
Rev. 04/2020