Please read first
This form can be used in a variety of
circumstances and must be used for applications
within proceedings. For further guidance on
when this form is to be used please see the
Court of Protection Rules 2007 and the Practice
Directions accompanying the Rules or contact
Customer Services at the number below.
If you wish to apply to start proceedings please
complete the COP1 application form.
If you wish to apply to be joined as a party to
the proceedings please complete the COP10
application notice for applications to be joined as
a party.
You may have to pay a fee when you make an
application. Refer to the leaflet COP44 Court of
Protection – Fees for details.
You may need to pay for any costs you incur
during the proceedings. If the court considers
that you have acted unreasonably you can
be ordered to pay the costs incurred by other
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Case no.
Full name of person to whom the application relates
(this is the person who lacks, or is alleged, to lack capacity)
Application notice
Court of Protection
Please continue on a separate sheet of paper
if you need more space to answer a question.
Write the case number, your name, the name of
the person to whom the application relates, and
number of the question you are answering on
each separate sheet.
For assistance in completing this form please see
guidance notes and website:
Court of Protection staff cannot give legal
advice. If you need legal advice please contact
a solicitor.
For office use only
Date received
Date issued
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Section 1 - Your details
1.4 Which address should official documentation be sent to?
Your address
Solicitor’s address
Other address (please provide details)
First name
Middle name(s)
Last name
Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms. Other
Telephone no.
E-mail address
Telephone no. Fax no.
DX no.
E-mail address
If Yes, please give the solicitor’s details.
1.3 Is a solicitor representing you?
Yes No
1.1 Your details
Applicant (the person who filed the COP1 application form)
Person to whom the application relates
Other party to the proceedings
Other (please give details)
1.5 What is your role in the proceedings?
Section 2 - Your application
2.2 Please set out the grounds on which you are seeking the order or direction?
2.1 What order or direction are you seeking from the court?
2.3 Any evidence in support of your application must be filed with this
application notice. If you are attaching any written evidence please use
the COP24 witness statement form.
If the court requires that evidence be given by affidavit then you need to
use the COP25 affidavit form.
*(I believe) (The applicant believes) that the facts stated in this application notice are true.
Section 3 – Statement of truth
*Applicant(’s litigation friend)(’s solicitor)
2.4 Please provide the details of any person who you reasonably believe has an interest which means they
ought to be heard by the court in relation to this application notice and who is not already a party to the
Full name including title Full address including
Connection to the person to
whom the proceedings relate
Position or
office held
of firm
Now read note 1 about what you need to do next.
* Please delete the options in
brackets that do not apply.
The statement of truth is to be signed by you, your solicitor or your litigation friend.
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Reset form
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Guidance notes
Note 1
What you need to do next
The court requires two copies (i.e. the original plus
one copy) of each form and document you file.
Please return the original completed form and
copies to the Court of Protection, along with any fee.
For details on where to send your application check
the website: www.gov.uk/court-of-protection
Note 2
What happens next?
The court will notify you when your application notice
has been issued. The court will return a sealed copy
of the application notice. You may need to serve
copies on:
every other party to the proceedings;
anyone who is named as a respondent in the
application notice; and
any other person as the court may direct.