1920 Course Eligibility Exception 5/13/19
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2019-2020 Financial Aid Cours
e Eligibility Exception Request
Student Name: Student ID:
Program of study:
Semester Class Will be Taken (check one): Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring/Summer 2020
U.S. Department of Education regulations require that a student must be enrolled in an eligible program of study to
receive financial aid. In addition, only classes required for the student’s program of study are eligible for financial aid
funding. Classes not required for your program of study will not be eligible for any financial aid funding.
There are some instances when a class is required but is not listed in your program of study. In those cases, the student
must submit this form to indicate why an exception is necessary by filling out the information below. Exception requests
will be reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid. After the review is complete, an email will be sent to the student’s
Hawkmail regarding the outcome of the review.
Before completing this form, please be aware of the following:
Classes numbered below 100 (MATH-080, ENG-088, ENG-094, etc…) do not need an exception. These classes
e considered “developmental” and are otherwise eligible for financial aid.
Classes which are part of a Transfer Guide, Articulation Agreement or 3+1 Agreement are not eligible for
lease check the appropriate box below:
Class is a pre-requisite for a course required as part of my program of study.
Example: MATH-183 is required as part of my program of study and MATH-180 is a pre-requisite to MATH-183.
Class for which exception is being requested:
Class on program of study that requires this as a pre-requisite:
Class is an approved substitution for a course required as part of my program of study.
If you are being granted a course substitution, the issuing department must submit the appropriate documentation to
Records & Registration. Once the change has been formally made on your record, the Office of Financial Aid will be
notified. The credits for the course will not reflect on your record until our office has been notified the substitution
has been made to your record. The submission of this form to our office is merely an alert to our office you are
pursuing a course substitution.
Class for which exception is being requested:
Class on program of study for which a substitution is being made:
Class is part of the Honor’s Program (list course)
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