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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
Form 7: Self Build Exemption Claim Form - Part 2
Please note that 'Completion' for the purposes of CIL exemption is defined as the issuing of a compliance certificate for this development
issued under either regulation 17 (completion certificates) of the Building Regulations 2010 or section 51 of the Building Act 1984 (final
This form must be sent to the Collecting Authority within 6 months of the completion of the self build dwelling.
The applicant will otherwise be liable for the full levy charge.
Please complete the form using block capitals and black ink and send to the Collecting Authority.
for guidance on CIL generally, including "relief from the Levy".See
Privacy Notice
This form is provided by Planning Portal and based on the requirements provided by Government for the sole purpose of submitting
information to a Local Authority in accordance with the 'The Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended).
Please be aware that once you have downloaded this form, Planning Portal will have no access to the form or the data you enter into it
(unless you choose to upload it to any Planning Portal online service in agreement with the relevant terms and conditions). Any subsequent
user of this form is solely at your discretion, including the choice to complete and submit it to a Local Authority in agreement with the
declaration section.
Upon receipt of this form and any subsequent information, it is the responsibility of the Local Authority to inform you of its obligations in
regards to the processing of this information. Please refer to its website for further information on any legal, regulatory and commercial
requirements relating to information security and data protection of the information you have provided.
Section A: Claiming Exemption - General Information
To be completed by the individual(s) claiming self build exemption.
Application Details
If postal address/postcode not known, or original relief claim was submitted with reference to grid reference, please provide:
Please provide the full postal address of the application site:
Local authority planning application number:
Applicant Name:
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To be submitted within 6 months of completing the self build dwelling
Please note: This version of the form should only be used for submissions relating to planning applications in England.
There is a legacy version of the form for use in Wales:
Planning Practice Guidance for CIL
Download the legacy version of this form
Version 2019
Section B: Submission of Evidence
# A Self Build or Custom Build Mortgage is an approved mortgage arranged to purchase land and/or fund the cost of erecting a home
where the loan funds are paid to the owner/occupier in stages as the building works progress to completion.
* A Self Build or Custom Build Warranty is a warranty and Certificate of Approval issued by a Warranty provider which provides a 'latent
defects insurance' policy and which is accompanied by certified Stage Completion Certificates (SCC) issued to the owner/occupier of
the home.
(c) Proof of an approved Self Build or Custom Build Mortgage# from a bank or building
society for your development.
(b) Proof of a specialist Self Build or Custom Build Warranty* for your development
(a) An approved claim from HM Revenue and Customs under
`VAT431NB: VAT refunds for DIY housebuilders'
3. Please also enclose a copy of one of the following items (and review the notes below):
2. Please enclose two further proofs of occupation of the home as sole or main residence
Local electoral roll registration
Bank Statement
Utility Bill
Please enclose a copy of two of the following items showing your name and the address of the property:
Please confirm below what evidence you are providing to support your claim for self build CIL exemption.
What date was the compliance certificate issued (DD/MM/YYYY)?
(c) Council Tax bill or certificate
(b) Title deeds of the property to which this exemption relates (freehold or leasehold)
-regulation 17 (completion certificates) of the Building Regulations 2010 or
-section 51 of the Building Act 1984 (final certificates)
(a) A compliance certificate for this development issued under either:
1. Please enclose a copy of all of the following items:
Please note: The Charging Authority has the discretion, but is not required, to accept other forms of documentary evidence instead of any
of the items (a-c) above. This should be agreed in advance with the Charging Authority (at the point of making the Part 1 application for
the exemption or as soon as possible thereafter) but the Charging Authority may still consider utilising discretion at this Part 2 stage of the
Date (DD/MM/YYYY):
I/We confirm that the details given are correct.
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