City of Greenacres
Unity of Title Form
Planning and Engineering Department
0 Melaleuca Lane
Greenacres, FL 33463-3515
Tel: (561) 642-2054
Kara L. Irwin-Ferris
Planning and Engineering Director
In consideration of the issuance of a permit to
for the construction of
in the City of Greenacres, Palm Beach County, Florida, and for other good and valuable
considerations, the undersigned hereby agree(s) to redistrict the use of Lot(s)
Block , Subdivision
Plat Book , Page of the Public Records of Palm Beach County,
Florida; or a parcel otherwise described by metes and bounds as follows:
in the following manner:
1. That said property shall be considered as one plot and parcel of land, and that no portion of said
plot and parcel of land shall be sold, transferred, devised, or assigned separately except in its
entirety as one plot or parcel of land.
2. The undersigned further agrees that this condition, restriction and limitation shall be deemed a
covenant running with the land, and shall remain in full force and effect, and be binding upon the
undersigned, their heirs and assigns until such time as the same may be released in writing by
the City of Greenacres, Planning and Engineering Director or the City Council.
3. The undersigned further agrees that this instrument shall be recorded in the Public Records of
Palm Beach County, Florida.
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this date by (Name of
Person Acknowledging) , who is personally known to me or who has
produced Type of I.D. as identification and who did / did not take an oath.
(Signature of person taking acknowledgment)
(Name of officer taking acknowledgement typed, printed or stamped)
(Title or rank)
(Serial number, if any)
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