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Date Town Meeting Convened:
Form 4 - Town Meeting Certification
Complete and sign the following.
1. Quorum
Indicate number. Please write “0” if the town has no quorum requirement.
A quorum was present at the town meeting, including any adjourned sessions thereof. According to
our town charter or by-law, our quorum requirement for town meeting is registered
2. Service of the Warrant
Please check one.
The service of the town meeting warrant was in accordance with:
a town by-law
a previous vote of the town
a procedure accepted by the Attorney General
3. Signing of the Warrant [certified copy of relevant Warrant pages must be attached]
Date the Board of Selectmen signed the Town Meeting Warrant:
Date the Town Meeting Warrant was posted:
4. Posting of the Warrant
(The warrant must be posted at least 7 days prior to an annual town meeting and at least 14 days prior to a special town meeting)
5. Attachments
Before submission, ensure that you have attached both of the following:
A certified copy of the relevant pages of the Town Meeting warrant, as it was posted.
(Attachments must include: opening of the warrant, all pages of the warrant article(s) submitted for
review, the closing, the Board of Selectmen's signature page and the officer's return of service page.
We require a certified copy of the text referred to, but not set forth in the text of the warrant articles
(example: if the warrant refers to an Attachment, text in an Appendix, or text located elsewhere, such
as in the town clerk's office or the office of the planning board). In this instance, it will be necessary
for you to send us a copy of the text referred to, or a copy of what is on file and available for
inspection. Otherwise, we will not know the actual text of the by-law that the warrant article
Note: It is not necessary to submit any documents other than those requested in the required Forms. For example, you
do not need to submit Finance Committee reports, minutes, annotated warrant articles, Planning Board Hearing
minutes, or Planning Board Hearing sign-in sheet.
I certify the above declaration to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Signature of Town Clerk Printed Name of Town Clerk Date Signed