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This program provides a real property tax credit for properties located within a revitalization district to
provide a financial incentive that encourages economic development and redevelopment in the City.
Please contact the Economic Development Coordinator at 240-487-3543 to schedule an appointment to
submit a completed application with the required documents and appropriate signatures to avoid any
delays in review of your application.
Please print legibly and return to the address above or by email to
Only completed applications, including all required documentation, will be reviewed by City staff.
Construction yet to begin and prior to submittal of detailed site plan or building permit
Construction yet to begin, but approved detailed site plan or building permit in place
Under Construction
Property Address:
Tax Account Number(s):
Current Owner:
Current Owner’s Address:
City: State: Zip Code:
Contact Person:
Phone: Email:
3. APPLICANT INFORMATION (if different than current property owner)
Applicant Name:
Mailing Address:
City: State: Zip Code:
Contact Person:
Phone: Email:
Detailed Site Plan Number (if applicable):
Building Permit Number (if issued):
Total Assessment Prior to Proposed Improvements:
Land Valuation:
Improvement Valuation:
Estimated Total Assessment After Proposed Improvements:
Projected Completion Date of Proposed Improvements:
Property Use Before Proposed Improvements:
Description of Proposed Improvements:
5. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (check each criteria that the project meets; additionally provide
evidence for all criteria met)
A) The project is located within a ½-mile radius of an existing or under construction rail
station for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Maryland Area
Regional Commuter, Maryland Transit Administration, or similar agency.
B) The project involves the assemblage of lots or parcels owned by different parties.
C) The project involves the buyout of leases to facilitate redevelopment.
D) The project will complete, or commit funds for, substantial infrastructure
improvements such as a new or relocated traffic signal, a public street, a public park,
a public parking garage, undergrounding of utilities, or a bikeshare station.
E) The project meets the minimum green building guidelines as established by the U.S.
Green Building Council’s LEED Silver Certification for the project’s appropriate rating
system. A LEED scorecard must be submitted with the detailed site plan application
and evidence of certification at the time of final application for the tax credit.
F) The project is located within one of the walkable development nodes designated in
the approved Central US 1 Corridor Sector Plan.
G) The project involves the demolition of an existing non-historic structure, which has
been vacant at least one year.
H) The project is a brownfield development, which means real property where
expansion or redevelopment is complicated by the presence or potential presence
of environmental contamination, and requires an environmental cleanup prior to
I) The project has secured at least one locally-owned, non-franchise business as
evidenced by executed lease agreements at the time of final application for the tax
J) The project provides space for a business incubator, community center, art gallery,
or similar public-benefit use.
I/We hereby affirm that I/we have full legal capacity to authorize the filing of this application and that all
information and exhibits submitted herewith are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.
I/We have read and understand the selected revitalization tax credit program guidelines.
Owner/Applicant Signature Date
Owner/Applicant Signature Date
Note: Applying for a tax credit does not obligate the City of College Park to approve a tax credit for the
specified project. Only after the review and approval of the application and either the Detailed Site Plan
or Building Permit will the City of College Park approve a tax credit. The project shall comply with the
Program Guidelines established by the City of College Park. In the event that an application is denied by
City staff, applicant may appeal to the Mayor and Council.
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Tax Account Number(s):
Tax Credit District: Number of Criteria Met:
Estimated 1st Year Credit: $ Estimated 2nd Year Credit: $
Estimated 3rd Year Credit: $ Estimated 4th Year Credit: $
Estimated 5th Year Credit: $ Approval Letter Date:
Denial Letter Date: Council Resolution Date:
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