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Dear Malone University Student,
Residential living is a critical component of the Malone experience and valued as an integral part of a
student’s holistic education. Even students who feel fully connected to the Malone community often report
feeling isolated from the community experience when living off-campus. Students living on campus perform
better academically, and their satisfaction is increased due to having more access to staff, faculty, and
resources. Therefore, Malone University has a residential requirement for their students, and certain
eligibility requirements must be met in order to live off campus. ____ (Please initial after each paragraph.)
ANY Malone student who wishes to live off campus must submit this Application to the Office of Student
Development, with all required signatures. Applications will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Student
conduct is considered as a part of the application process and could lead to denial of your application. ____
Submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee approval. No student should make off-campus
arrangements without formal approval. Students who make off-campus housing arrangements before
receiving approval could be held financially responsible for both on-campus and off-campus costs. ____
Eligibility Requirements for Off-Campus Housing
Age: Students who are age 22 or older by July 1 of the fall semester or by January 1 for the spring
semester are eligible to live off campus.*
emesters and GPA: Students who have lived in Malone campus housing for 6 semesters and have
a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher will be eligible to live off campus.*
mmuter: Students who live with their parents and commute from their parents’ home within a
50-mile radius of Malone will be eligible to live off campus.*
**Additional documentation: Parent signature required to commute from home.
arriage: Married students are required to find their own housing options and are not eligible to
live in Malone campus housing.*
**Additional documentation: Please provide a copy of marriage license.
esponsibility for Underage Dependent Children: Students who are the primary caregiver for
an underage, dependent child.*
**Additional documentation: Please provide the most recent year’s income tax form listing the
children who were claimed as dependents by the student.
*Documentation: Students who meet any of the above requirements must complete this Off-Campus
Housing Application and submit any change of address to the Office of Student Development. ____
thletes: Student athletes with any amount of athletic scholarship are required to reside in
campus housing. Scholarship athletes who desire to move off campus must meet one of the
above requirements and MUST speak with Financial Aid to have scholarships adjusted. ____
If you do not meet any of the above requirements but still feel that you have a legitimate reason to live off-
campus, please briefly explain your situation and be prepared to set up a meeting with the Office of Student
Development to discuss your specific situation. ____
Applicant Information
Last Name: _____________________ First Name: _____________________ ID: ____________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
(street) (city) (state) (zip)
Cell Phone: _________________________ Email:
Meal Plan: ____ Please remove my meal plan. ____ I would like to switch to a commuter meal plan
Please indicate which of the following eligibility requirements apply to you:
____a. I meet the Age requirement. I am 22 years old or more as of July 1 (Fall) or January 1 (Spring).
____b. I meet the Semesters and GPA requirement. I have lived on campus for 6 semesters, AND I have a
GPA of 2.5 or greater.
____c. I meet the Commuter requirement. I live with my parent(s) or legal guardian at their permanent
address within a 50-mile radius of campus. (
Additional signature required below.)
I understand that I am applying to live off-campus to reside with a parent or legal guardian. If I
move from their address which is listed above, I understand that if I move from the address which
is listed above and below, I will be responsible for notifying the Office of Student Development in
writing immediately so that the appropriate housing application may be updated to meet my new
circumstances. ____
____d. I meet the Marriage requirement. I am aware that I am required to find my own housing. (Please
include copy of marriage license.)
____e. I meet the Responsibility for Underage Dependent Children requirement. I am the primary caregiver
for an underage child. (Please include tax forms showing child being claimed.)
____f. I do not meet any of the eligibility requirements, but my reason for applying is outlined below:
Proposed off-campus address: _________________________________________________________
(street) (city) (state) (zip)
If you do not yet know your proposed address, you must update Student Development as soon as you are
able, or your eligibility could be suspended. _
Required Meetings: Office of Financial Aid & Center for Student Success
Students who move off campus may experience a reduction in financial aid because of cost differences.
Any reductions will be made in compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations and policies. You
must meet with Financial Aid to ensure that you understand the implications of how this decision will affect
your financial aid. ____
Please contact the Office of Financial Aid (330-471-8159 or
) and the Center for Student
Success (330-471-8390 or to discuss your situation and obtain necessary signatures.
Student Verification
I certify that this application and any attached documentation is accurate and truthful to the best of my
knowledge. I understand that providing misleading or incorrect information will void my application and
subject me to disciplinary sanction for violation of the Malone University Code of Conduct Standards. This
may include financial responsibility for both on-campus and off-campus housing, and even dismissal.
Moreover, as a student of Malone University, I understand and agree to comply with all regulations, policies,
and procedures written in the Student Handbook and any subsequent amendments. ____
Falsification of information or signatures provided on this form will result in the invalidation of
eligibility, disciplinary action, and responsibility for the cost of room and board for the time
required to live on campus. ____
Printed Name of Applicant Applicant Signature Date
For those requesting to commute from the home of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), the
following must be completed:
The above-named student is my son/daughter/legal ward appointed by court, who will reside at my principal
residence (listed above) while attending Malone University. As an occupant of my principal residence, she/he
will commute daily to classes at Malone University from this address.
Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian Relationship to Student Date
I have discussedvia phone, email, or in-personthe financial or academic implications of off-campus
housing with the student who is applying to live off campus:
Financial Aid Representative:
Printed Name: ____________________ Signature: ________________________ Date: __________
Center for Student Success Representative:
Printed Name: ____________________ Signature: _________________________ Date: __________
Office of Student Development Use Only: Semester Total
Application: ____ Approved ____
Denied Credit Hours:
Associate Dean Signature: _____________________________________ Date of Decision: _
Effective Date: _ ______
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This document is for personal use; it does not need to be filled out or turned in with your
application. You may find it helpful to compare costs.
On campus for current
academic year
$______ per semester
for room & board
Academic Year
Off-campus per
Multiplied by
approx. 8 months
to compare rate
per academic year.
and from class
*If living at home with parents, most off-campus costs will be zero except for transportation and tolls.
Total cost for academic year:
Total on campus: $_________________
Total off-campus $_________________
Total Financial Aid offered for academic year: $ ___________________
Total Financial Aid accepted for academic year: $ __________________