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Schedule For Appointment of Agent
1. As designated agent for the license holder, do you understand that you have full responsibility
over the business and may be held civilly or criminally liable for violations of the law or City
ordinances by its employees, even if you are not physically present?
Yes ________ No ________
2. Do you understand that under the laws of Wisconsin, violations of statutes regulating the sale of
liquor do not require the showing of a willful or intentional act?
Yes ________ No ________
3. Do you understand that if an employee or agent of the entity on whose behalf you are
agreeing to act as agent is guilty of a violation, it is no defense for you to claim that you were
not present and did not know of the acts of that employee or agent and that you can be held
responsible even if you expressly forbad that employee or agent from engaging in a particular
act in violation of the state liquor laws?
Yes ________ No ________
4. Do you understand that with respect to employees or agents, as long as they are performing
acts that fall within their scope of employment, such as serving beer or alcohol, such that for all
intents and purposes he or she appears to be representing the interests of the license holder,
you as its agent, can be held vicariously liable for violations of the law?
Yes ________ No ________
5. Do you realize that at all times the business is open, as its agent, you are responsible to make
certain that all liquor laws and ordinances are being obeyed?
Yes ________ No ________
6. Do you understand that even if you claim that you were negligent in hiring or supervising an
employee who violates the law, this is no excuse if a liquor law violation is brought against you
in your representative capacity as agent?
Yes ________ No ________
Signature of Agent
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