Application For Marine Event Permit
67-7030, Idaho Code
Form #66-07 10/2012
Copy Distribution: White – Approved copy, return to applicant Yellow – Sheriff Pink – Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Goldenrod – Applicant
a. Read all instructions on reverse side.
b. Submit typewritten or printed in black ink.
County, Idaho
Date Submitted
, 20
Month Day Year
For Official Use Only:
Approved Disapproved
Special Conditions or exemptions:
Title Date
1. Name of event 2. Date of event
Name, address, and email of sponsoring organization (including zip code)
4. Description of event (include additional sheets for extended race
5. Location (include maps or charts) 6. Time (from, to)
7. Number of participants 8. Number of spectator craft
Size and types of boats
10. Will this event interfere with or impede
natural flow of traffic?
No Yes (Explain)
11. What extra or unusual hazard (to participants or non-participants) will
be introduced into the regatta area?
12. Have any objections been received from other interested parties?
No Yes (Explain)
13. What other government agencies or entities have you contacted
about the event (Fish & Game, lake association, etc.)
14. Vessels provided by sponsoring organization for safety purposes.
Number and description:
15. Does the sponsoring organization deem their patrol adequate for
safety purposes?
No Yes (Explain)
16. Is a Sheriff’s or Coast Guard Auxiliary Patrol requested for control of spectator and/or
commercial traffic?
No Yes (Explain)
17. Person to be contacted for further details (include address and phone number).
18. Person in charge during event.
19. Where will person in charge be during event?
20. How can person in charge be contacted during event?
Address (include zip) Home Phone (include area code) Cell Phone (include area code) Email
The undersigned has read the information on the reverse of this form and has full authority
to represent the sponsoring organization in accepting these conditions.
Applicant Signature
Applicant Title
957245.indd 1 10/3/12 7:30 PM
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1. This application must be submitted to the County Sheriff at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.
2. The application must be submitted to the Sheriff in direct charge of the waters where the event is to take place,
and the designated copy must then be readily transmitted by the Sheriff to the State Boating Safety Coordinator.
Other copies must be distributed as stated on the reverse side of this form.
3. Attach a section of a chart or scale drawing showing boundaries and/or courses and markers contemplated.
4. Submit a copy of the entry requirements and any special rules pertaining to equipment, rigs or procedures.
5. Attach a race schedule if more than one race is included in this application.
6. The sponsoring organization will coordinate all detailed arrangements with the Sheriff and the Area Manager of
the water on which the event is taking place.
7. The application covers the marine event only. The individual or sponsoring organization must receive written
permission from the agency in direct charge of the area to conduct any special activities associated with this
marine event (i.e., concessions, special overnight arrangements, etc.)
8. Approval of this application will authorize the individual or sponsoring organization to conduct the marine event at
the aforementioned area only. It does not give the individual or organization any exclusive rights over the general
public of the area.
9. All activities by the individual or sponsoring organization under the approved application shall be conducted at
the individual’s or organization’s own risk. The sponsoring organization or individual will accept full responsibility
to ensure public safety, and to place and remove any special equipment incident to the marine event. The
individual or organization will assume and at all times indemnify and save harmless the area and its employees
from any liability and expense in connection with loss of life, personal injury, or property damage arising from the
marine event.
10. Environmental assessment may be required for events which are likely to involve: (1) significant cumulative
impacts on the environment; (2) substantial controversy because of the effects on the human environment;
(3) any activity proposed in a designated or recommended “critical” habitat of an endangered species; or
(4) impacts which are more than minimal on or adjacent to a public park recreation area, wildlife or waterfowl
refuge or historic site. It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the Coast Guard of possible
environmental impacts described above. Failure to do so may delay processing the permit or cause the
revocation of an issued permit. Notification of environmental impact shall be made to Coast Guard commands
as follows: for events occurring north of Dworshak Reservoir (46 degrees, 55 minutes North Latitude), to
Commanding Officer, USCG Sector Puget Sound, 1519 Alaskan Way, Bldg. #1, Seattle, Washington 98134-1192;
for events occurring either on or south of Dworshak Reservoir, to Commanding Officer, USCG Sector Columbia
River, 2185 SE 12th Place, Warrenton, Oregon 97146-9693.
11. The Sheriff or the United States Coast Guard reserves the right to withhold issuance of this permit or tailor the
request to assure compliance of state, county, and federal law or to protect the health and general well-being
of the citizens of Idaho. Failure to comply with terms of this application or the Idaho Code will be cause for
revocation of the permit.
957245.indd 2 10/3/12 7:30 PM