Rev. 04/2014Form 3
Form 3 - Maps: Zoning and/or Historic Districts
Date Town Meeting Convened:
If no maps are being submitted to the Attorney General for approval, do not include this form in the package
TWO certified copies of the zoning and/or historic district map(s) are attached.
Guidelines for submission:
1. The preferred size for submitted maps is no larger than 24 inches by 36 inches.
2. The map must be of a scale that clearly shows the parcel(s) or boundaries affected by each article, suitably
annotated to identify parcel(s) or boundaries. All changes should be shown in color or other method of
highlighting the parcel(s) or boundaries affected.
3. If more than one article is being submitted with map changes, please identify each map with article number.
4. Your certification must be affixed to the maps submitted.
5. Maps may be electronically filed at
(or mailed to us at the Worcester address noted
above). Electronically filed maps must still contain a certification; however, since not all seals will show up
when scanned and emailed, we request that you certify the maps with “A true copy attest” language and your
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