Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981
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Application for a licence to kill or take any wild birds or their eggs;
use a prohibited method; or to disturb wild birds listed on Schedule
1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act for the purposes of public
health and safety, air safety, agricultural damage, prevention of
disease and conserving wild birds and flora and fauna.
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SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
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SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
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01503 262255
4. Purpose
* Please confirm the purpose of the application:
Preventing serious damage to livestock, foodstuffs for livestock under section 16(1)(k)
Preventing serious damage crops, vegetables or fruit under section 16(1)(k)
Preventing serious damage to growing timber under section 16(1)(k)
Preserving public health, under section 16(1)(i)
Preserving public safety, under section 16(1)(i)
Preserving air safety, under section 16(1)(i)
Preventing the spread of disease 16(1)(j)
Conserving wild birds under section 16(1)(c)
Conserving flora and fauna under section 16(1)(cb)
SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
3. Previous Applications
(a) * To your knowledge, have there been any previous
applications or licence decisions concerning this purpose?
If ‘No’ please go to the next section. If ‘Yes’ to (a), please complete the following.
(b) * Date of most recent application:
(c) * What was the subject of the previous applications (e.g.
species and/or methods)?
(d) * What is the application or licence reference number?
(e) * What was the outcome of the previous application?
(Please select one of the following)
Granted Not Granted Advice Only Deferred Not Yet Known
Take, damage or destroy eggs of Herring Gulls only
5. Justification
(a) * Please provide a summary of your
need to apply. Please give any
evidence demonstrating that the
species applied for is causing the issue.
(b) * If this application is in relation to
damage to land, crops, fisheries or
property, please provide the extent and
nature of damage and an assessment
of the severity associated with the
issue. Please detail the frequency of the
occurrence, the dates and at what time
of year the issue occurs.
(c) * Have you taken any action to prevent the problems outlined above?
Yes No N/A
If ‘Yes’ to (c)...* Please provide details of the actions taken:
If ‘No’ to (c)... * Please explain why no actions have been taken?
SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
Looe is a very popular tourist location with thousands of visitors walking the streets every day
during the season. This runs primarily from Easter through to September but also to a lesser
extent throughout the rest of the year. The town has a large population of Herring Gulls resident
in the town and surrounding coastal areas. Other gull species are seen, but the Herring Gull is
by far the most prominent species. The existence of numerous outside dining areas and tourists
eating food as they walk around has always been a draw to the Herring gulls. This becomes
particularly acute during the breeding season where birds nesting on the roofs in the town
become very aggressive, frequently attacking adults and children whilst trying to seize food or
defend chicks which have fallen from the nest. This has resulted in physical injuries and distress
to members of the public on many occasions and is a regular occurrence during the tourist
season. Of particular concern are the attacks on small children and toddlers in buggies which
present relatively easy targets for the birds. The proximity of food and face/eyes present clear
potential for serious harm. Additionally, residents face daily attacks as they try to enter and leave
their own properties and are often prevented from using their own garden. Looe Town Council is
desperate to reduce this danger and instigated a programme under a General Licence GL05
over 10 years ago to replace eggs with substitutes and this continued the programme last year
under the revised licence awarded. The programme has reduced the aggressiveness of the
gulls which has resulted in fewer attacks.
The Council promotes public awareness through regular posters and social media compaigns in the town and at all food outlets to not feed the Herring Gulls.
Additionally, seagull-proof litter bins are positioned around the town centre and close to food outlets to encourage the correct disposal of food waste.
Residential properties are encouraged to use free seagull proof sacks for their household rubbish which deters bags being ripped apart for food.
Whilst this is well known to local residents, the tourist population (which doubles the population from April - Sept) and short-term visitors do not recognise the
problem until they are the subject of an attack whilst eating. This is often small children in buggies eating ice creams etc. Herring Gulls swoop and snatch
food knocking it from visitors' hands.
The Council is unable to provide nesting deterrents for its residents as this would prove too costly but some residents have made their own arrangements.
SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
6. Conservation Considerations
(a) *Will any part of the proposed activity fall in and/or adjacent to
a Designated Site?
IfYes’ to (a) please complete the table below. IfNo’, please go to the next section.
(b) Have you received permission from all the designated site
Not Known
(c) Have you consulted with Natural England for advice on the
implications of the application on the designated sites?
No Not Known
(e) Will work extend into future years?
(If ‘Yes’ please state
how many years it
will extend for)
(f) Is work part of a wider project or contributing to local
Biodiversity Action Plans?
No Not Known
(g) Is the location covered by a Natural
England Agri-Environment agreement
(i.e. Environmental Stewardship)?
(If ‘Yes’ please
provide the
reference number)
Yes No N/A
Ref. No:
(d) Please give either the outcome of your consultations or the
reason why you have not consulted us. Please provide any
relevant correspondence and the name of the local Natural
England adviser or reserve manager consulted.
Please indicate
whether the activity
will fall on and/or
adjacent to a
designated site:
Designated Site Name:
Type of Designated Site
E.g. National Nature Reserve (NNR), Site of
Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special
Protection Area (SPA), Special Area of
Conservation (SAC), Ramsar Site, Ancient
Monument, Marine Nature Reserve (MNR), Area
of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
Adjacent to
Adjacent to
Adjacent to
Adjacent to
Adjacent to
Adjacent to
7. Authorisation
(a) *Is the applicant the owner / occupier of the land?
No N/A
If ‘Yes’ to (a) please go to the next section. If ‘No’ to (a) please answer (b).
(b) Have you received the owner occupier’s permission to apply? Yes No
Please note that it is your responsibility as the applicant to obtain the owner or occupier’s permissions to act under licence on
their property.
You may be asked to provide documentation which confirms that you have owner or occupier’s permissions and we will contact
you if this is necessary.
8. Application Details
(a) * Please add details for all licensable actions you wish to perform.
Licensable Action 1 Licensable Action 2 Licensable Action 3
Application Subject
Wildlife and Countryside
Act birds - general
Wildlife and Countryside
Act birds - general
Wildlife and Countryside
Act birds - general
* Species
* Activity
Kill, injure or take
Take, damage or
destroy the nest of any
wild bird
Take or destroy an egg
of a wild bird
Possess a wild bird or
egg (or any part)
Disturb any wild bird
(or dependant young)
included in Schedule 1
when nesting
Kill, injure or take
Take, damage or
destroy the nest of any
wild bird
Take or destroy an egg
of a wild bird
Possess a wild bird or
egg (or any part)
Disturb any wild bird
(or dependant young)
included in Schedule 1
when nesting
Kill, injure or take
Take, damage or
destroy the nest of any
wild bird
Take or destroy an egg
of a wild bird
Possess a wild bird or
egg (or any part)
Disturb any wild bird
(or dependant young)
included in Schedule 1
when nesting
* Method or Field
Egg oiling/pricking
Nest destruction
By hand
Close human presence
Nest relocation /
Stupefying baits
Egg oiling/pricking
Nest destruction
By hand
Close human presence
Nest relocation /
Stupefying baits
Egg oiling/pricking
Nest destruction
By hand
Close human presence
Nest relocation /
Stupefying baits
*OS Grid Reference:
(In format XX123456)
(Please note for agricultural damage applications you must provide the RLR field numbers for the fields where the action is
requested or OS Grid References for each field).
Detailed Location
SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
Based on 2019 figures: 250 eggs/88 nests
Residential properties
(that register with Looe
Town Council only)
within the parish
boundary of Looe.
Proposed Date From
Proposed Date To
(b) * Are you submitting a map or plan?
Yes No
Please note: For new applications, where practical, you will need to provide a map or plan of a suitable scale showing where the
activities will be undertaken. Please attach this to your application if appropriate.
Please complete the following
if Method or Field Technique is ‘stupefying baits’.
(c) Have you within the past two years passed a formal training course
on the above prohibited method that included a practical content?
Yes No
IfYes’ to (c) please answer (d). IfNo’ please move to (e).
(d) Please state the date and title of the
course(s) and the trainer(s).
(Company or individual as appropriate)
(e) Have you previously held a licence and undertaken at least one
treatment using the method stated above within the last two years?
Yes No
(f) What was the date of the most recent treatment?
(g) In which county was it carried out?
SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
Authorised Individuals
*Will any
additional authorised individuals / accredited agents
be required to act under this license?
(EPS only)
If ‘Yes’, for each additional authorised individual / accredited agent, please complete the details below.
If ‘No’ please go to the
next section.
Person 1 Person 2 Person 3
Middle Name:
House No.:
*Address Line 1:
*Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
Please note: The licensee and anyone acting under the licence are responsible for their actions and for complying with the
licence conditions. In addition, no-one under the age of 18 may be authorised by the licensee without specific written permission
from Natural England for licences that permit shooting.
10. Qualifications
(a) *Do you have qualifications and/or experience of the methods and
procedures proposed?
) *Please provide details of
relevant experience and
(c) *Have you consulted anyone in Natural England regarding this
If ‘Yes’
to (c)...
Please provide details of the
SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
Contractor nominated in section 9 above has conducted
the dummy egg substitution programme on behalf of
Looe Town Council for a number of years. He now
provides XXXXX Parish Council with a similar service.
11 Supplementary Information
Please provide any additional information you may have to support your application.
12. Data Protection
The data controller is the Natural England, Foss House, Kings Pool, 1-2 Peasholme Green, York, Y01 7PX. You can
contact the Natural England Data Protection Manager at: Natural England, County Hall, Spetchley Road, Worcester,
WR5 2NP; foi@naturalengland.org.uk
ny questions about how we are using your personal data and your associated rights should be sent to the above
contact. The Data Protection Officer responsible for monitoring that Natural England is meeting the requirements of the
legislation is: Defra group Data Protection Officer, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, SW Quarter, 2nd
floor, Seacole Block, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF. DefraGroupDataProtectionOfficer@defra.gsi.gov.uk
The information on the licence application form and any supporting material will be used by Natural England to undertake
our licensing functions. This will include, but is not limited assessing your application, issuing a licence if applicable,
monitoring compliance with licence conditions and collating licence returns and reports. The personal information we will
process will include, but is not limited to your name and contact details, customer type and reasons for wanting a licence.
Processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official
authority vested in the data controller. That task is to conduct the licensing functions as delegated by Defra to Natural
England under Part 8 Agreement under section 78 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006.
The processing by us of personal data relating to wildlife-related or animal welfare offences or related security measures
is carried out only under official authority. This information is used in assessing an application as it is a material fact.
Natural England will for particular licence applications and at specific stages of the licencing process discuss your
application with third parties. The details of this sharing are set out here
Your personal data will be kept by us for 7 years after the expiry of your licence or longer if stated in the licence
conditions.Failure to provide this information will mean that we will be unable to assess your application for a wildlife
The information you provide is not connected with individual decision making (making a decision solely by automated
means without any human involvement) or profiling (automated processing of personal data to evaluate certain things
about an individual).
The data you provide will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area.
A list of your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, the Data Protection Act 2018, is accessible at:
You have the right to lodge a complaint with the ICO (supervisory authority) at any time. Should you wish to exercise that
right full details are available at:
Details of our Personal Information Charter can be found at:
SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
The site where we wish to carry out the control measures are residential properties ONLY
within the boundary of Looe Town, and is therefore classified as an urban site. An
integrated management plan is included with this application. Looe Town Council has
undertaken this egg substitution programme for over 10 years for the protection of the
thousands of tourists who visit Looe each year as well as residents who are subject to daily
attacks during the nesting/egg laying season. Many residential properties make great efforts
to discourage nesting within the confines of the town but the nature of many properties
make prevention only partially successful. Great efforts are also made to keep the streets
clean and clear of refuse, but a large pedestrian tourist population eating in the streets and
open air restaurants presents constant temptation particularly to Herring Gulls with young to
feed. Notwithstanding the food issue, parent birds also see wandering tourists as a threat to
young birds that have fallen from nests or are just fledging. Reduction of the number of
young Herring Gulls in nests on residential properties with the town centre has proven
effective in reducing the aggressiveness of resident birds.
Important Advice:
If your application is made under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended), any
person who in order to obtain a licence knowingly or recklessly makes a statement or
representation, or furnishes a document or information which is false in a material particular,
shall be guilty of an offence and may be liable to criminal prosecution. Any person found guilty
of such an offence is liable, on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding
six months or to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale, or to both. Regarding other
wildlife legislation, we will look to provisions in the Fraud Act 2006 (as amended) in respect of
applicants making any false representations.
Natural England or the Secretary of State can modify or revoke at any time any licence that is
issued, but this will not be done unless there is good reason for doing so. Any licence that is
issued is likely to be revoked immediately if it discovered that false information has been
provided that resulted in the issue of a licence.
13. Declaration
13a. Convictions
* Have you or any person listed in the application been convicted of any
wildlife-related or animal welfare offence?
Yes No
If ‘Yes':
Please provide details of the
(including dates)
SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)
13b. Applicant Declaration.
I have read and understood the privacy notice above.
Where required, I undertake to obtain permission from landowners / occupiers of land to exercise
any licence resulting from this application, and to allow any employee or representative of Natural
England to monitor or inspect the work described in this application.
I have read and understood the guidance provided in the application form and on the Wildlife
Licensing Internet guidance pages. I declare the particulars given are correct to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
I declare the particulars given are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I apply for a
licence in accordance with the information I have provided.
I agree to the declaration above.
Signature of Applicant:
For electronic applications, please insert an electronic signature
above or tick this box to confirm with the declaration.
(In BLOCK letters)
14. Annex - Application Notes
The applicant is the person submitting the application (usually the landowner or occupier) who, if the licence
was granted, would become the licensee. The applicant may appoint agents to produce the application pack
and act on their behalf. A person with specific skills and knowledge of the species concerned, such as a
consultant ecologist, must be appointed to assist in the preparation and the delivery of the proposals that
ensure the species protection requirements can be met.
The “Licensee” named on the licence is responsible for ensuring that all activities carried out on site in
relation to the licence comply with the terms and conditions of the licence. However, all persons authorised to
act under the licence must comply with the licence and its conditions (see Regulation 58(1) of the 2010
Regulations (as amended)). This means that all authorised persons have a responsibility for ensuring that the
licence terms and conditions, including any annex special conditions, are understood and complied with.
Failure to do so could lead to prosecution.
SPMBIRD WML A08 (CWM 02/2020)