Community Support Agency Grant Program
With the acceptance of this grant, the grantee agrees to the following conditions:
1. Grantee will provide to the City a copy of the agency's current charter, by-laws, and a letter
from the United States Commissioner of Revenue stating the determination of the agency's tax-
exempt status if not already on file.
1. Grantee will provide the City with semi-annual reports on Performance Measures and Financial
Information; forms will be provided to the agency by the City. Information provided in reports
must substantiate the City’s grant decision. Documents submitted are public record and are
made available to the public upon request.
2. If funding is awarded specifically for capital outlay, the grantee agrees to provide the City with a
receipt for equipment purchased; for construction/renovation projects, the agency agrees to
provide the City with documents that show that the grant funds were used for the purposes
described in the grant proposal.
3. Grantee agrees to maintain accounting procedures in accordance with generally accepted
accounting standards and agrees to the review and audit of those records by the City's designee,
if requested.
4. Grantee agrees to the on-site inspection of its facilities and/or programs by the City's designee if
5. Improper use of funds awarded in the grant will result in the termination of the grant, forfeiture
of any outstanding grant award and reimbursement of payments processed.
6. For Community Support Agency Grant funding, unless otherwise stated in the notice of grant
award letter, 25% of funding will be disbursed at the beginning of the fiscal year after receipt of
the grantee's Request for Payment Form, Adopted Budget, and Proposed Performance
Measurement Form. The remaining funds will be disbursed in November (25%), February (25%)
and July (final 25%) after receipt of the Performance Measurement forms, Financial Information
Forms, Request for Payments forms, and an Independent Financial Audit Report.
7. The agency must have fulfilled all reporting, auditing, and payment obligations for any previous
loans or grants from the City prior to the disbursement of the first payment.
8. An independent financial audit of the agency's most recently ended accounting year must be
received by the City by January 15 prior to the disbursement of funds for the third payment.
9. Conditions of this grant award may be changed or adjusted on an individual basis by the City
Manager and/or his representative(s).
10. Programs, activities, employment opportunities, etc., funded totally or partially by the City of
Newport News must be made available to all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age,
national origin, handicap, or political affiliation.
The undersigned, having received the notice of grant award letter and this Grant Conditions of Award
hereby accepts this grant and agrees to the conditions pertaining thereto, this _______ day of
_______________, 20____.
Signature: ___________________________________ Title: _________________________________
Agency: ________________________________________________________________
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