Boards and Commissions Application
The following information is necessary to apply for potential service on a City of Bedford Board or Commission. The information you
provide will become a public record and available to the press and the public. In order to apply and serve as a Board or Commission
member, you must meet eligibility requirements of the specific Board or Commission for which you apply. Please fill out this form and
return it to the Office of the City Secretary at 2000 Forest Ridge Drive, Bedford, TX 76021 or by fax at 817.952.2103. By signing this
application you are acknowledging that you have applied for an appointed position with the City, and agree to serve on the Board or
Commission for which you have applied in good faith.
Personal Information
Name: E-mail:
Address: City: State: Zip:
Phone (H): (M)
Length of Residence in Bedford: Registered Voter (Yes or No)
***You must be a resident of Bedford for at least 12 consecutive months preceding your appointment***
Have you or do you currently serve on any City Board or Commission?
If yes, which one(s) and dates:
Professional Information
Business Name: Profession:
Business Address: City: State: Zip:
Business Phone: Ext:
Please briefly tell us why you are interested in serving on a Board or Commission:
What do you think qualifies you to serve on a Board or Commission?
Please indicate your area(s) of interest. You may select one option or select more by ranking them according to your preferences.
The parenthesis indicates the typical number of meetings held each year.
Where Needed
Animal Shelter Advisory Board (3)
Beautification Commission (11)
Building & Standards Commission (2)
Community Affairs Commission (11)
Library Board (11)
Parks & Recreation Board (11)
Planning & Zoning Commission (24)
Street Improvement Econ. Dev. Corp (2)
Teen Court Advisory Board (4)
Have you attended any meetings of
the Board/Commission for which you
wish to be considered?
Will you commit to:
Frequent Involvement
Signature Date
I certify that the foregoing information is true and correct.
Occasional involvement
Cultural Commission (11)
Zoning Board of Adjustment (2)
Ethics Commission (1)
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