County of Moore
Planning and Transportation
Revised 4/16/2020
Inspections/Permitting: (910) 947-2221
Planning: (910) 947-5010
Transportation: (910) 947-3389
Fax: (910) 947-1303
Completed Miscellaneous Permit Application. Applications are obtained within our department, Planning
and Transportation located at 1048 Carriage Oaks Drive, Carthage, NC 28327, or online at
, Department, Planning and Transportation Applications. If you would like to
speak with someone concerning the demolition Permit our telephone number is 910-947- 5010 or 910-947-
The following shall be verified as applicable:
Removal of water meter and water and sewer connections, Septic tank / well disconnection, Removal of
electrical connections, Removal of gas line connections, Removal of Underground Storage tanks, and As-
bestos Removal.
An Asbestos Inspection must be performed by a NC accredited Asbestos Inspector. The Asbestos
Inspection Report must be submitted with the Demolition Permit application. The inspection is to determine
the presence, type, location and amount of asbestos that may be present, and what state and federal
rules and regulations that apply to the project.
If asbestos removal is required, a final abatement report will be required prior to issuing a building permit or
finalizing the demolition permit.
A notification of building demolition must be submitted to the North Carolina Health Hazards Control Unit,
even if no asbestos is present in the building. They can be contacted at (919) 707-5950. For additional infor-
mation go to
North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is required for the removal of Underground Storage
Tanks. Phone (910) 433-3300
A copy of recorded deed may be required to verify ownership. A survey may also be required if lot con-
figuration does not reflect the current records of the county.
A zoning permit may be required if the subject property is located within one of the following municipali-
ties or their ETJ.
Cameron: 910-245-3212 Taylor Town: 910-295-4010
Carthage: 910-947-2331 Vass: 910-245-4676
Foxfire: 910-295-5107 Whispering Pines: 910-949-3141
Robbins: 910-948-2431
County of Moore
Planning and Transportation
Revised 4/16/2020
Inspections/Permitting: (910) 947-2221
Planning: (910) 947-5010
Transportation: (910) 947-3389
Fax: (910) 947-1303
ATF Day Care Group/Therapeutic Home Bulkhead/Dock Sign(s)
ABC Demolition Swimming Pool Other: _____________________
Application Date:
Description of Proposed Work: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Applicant: Phone:
Owner: Phone:
Owner Address: Zip: St: City
Location/Address of Property:
General Contractor: License: Phone:
Address: City St Zip
Electrical Contractor: License: Phone:
Address: City St Zip
Design Professional: License: Phone:
Address: City St Zip
Pool Contractor: License: Phone:
Address: City St Zip
I hereby certify that all information in this application is correct and all work will comply with the State Building Code and all other
applicable State and local laws, ordinances and regulations. The Inspection Department will be notied of any changes in the
approval plans and specications for the project permied herein. I understand if this application is incomplete, no inspections will
be performed on the project.
Owner/Agent Signature: _____________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
Miscellaneous Permit Application
If the project is a bulkhead or dock please list the estimated cost of the project Total Estimated Cost $
Please list the names of the contractors who will be performing the work for this project. If the work will be performed by the owner
just write owner or self in the name eld. Please put N/A in any elds that are not applicable to the project.
Type of Permit:
Demolition Checklist (check all that are present on your property):
Water/ Sewer Connection Electrical (power line) Connection Underground Storage Tanks
Well / Septic Connection Gas Line Connection Asbestos
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