I am requesting the following action on my return funds:
Cancel my loan for the entire year.
Cancel my loan for only the current semester.
Reduce my loan by the amount of my refund check for the current semester.
Reduce my loan funds from $___________________ to $___________________ for the current semester.
Please indicate below if you would like these funds to be returned to a ParentPLUS loan or a specific loan.
Please read and check o the boxes
I understand that it is my responsibility to repay all other Direct Loans that have been paid to me.
I understand the amount I am returning can only be credited towards the current academic year loans.
I understand NSCC will send back the funds to the Unsubsidized loan first for the semester
unless otherwise noted above.
I understand that NSCC will not refund the whole amount indicated if it creates a balance owed to the school.
I have read, understand, and agree to the terms outlined on this form. We cannot accept digital signatures.
Request to Return Disbursed Loans
Student Financial Services • 1 Ferncroft Road • Danvers, MA 01923-0840
978-762-4189 www.northshore.edu/paying/financial-services
Required (please print) LOANRT
Student ID#
N 0 0
Last Name: _____________________________________
First Name: _____________________________________
This form is used to reduce the loan funds by returning the
refund check issued by NSCC or by making a payment. We will
need the original refund check you received or a check can be
made payable to NSCC to cancel all or a portion of your student
loans. Please indicate in the box how you would like to proceed
with your loans.